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@rackerlabs @rackerhacker
Jatin Mistry jatinmistry13

Fairfax, Virginia & San Mateo, California, US

Shrimadhav U K SpEcHiDe

((5 ]]P ]E << ][-][ ]][ ][_) ]E is what @SpEcHiDe does!

@SpEcHiDe Kerala, India

Cody Lee Cochran codrcodz

I am a Linux System Administrator that dabbles in automation and software development.

Rackspace San Antonio, TX, USA

Renato zenatuz

A Brazilian nerd guy


carles san agustin carlessanagustin Barcelona

Robin Wen dbarobin

Libertarian, Pianophile, Poet and MySQL DBA.

KuGou Inc. 23.119848, 113.383477

Luis Loya eleloya

I destroy software for fun and profit.

@ecaresoft Monterrey, México

Ted Neykov theneykov

NPR Washington, D.C.

Nam Pho nampho2

Independent researcher currently traveling the world. I provide SCaaS: Scientific Computing as a Service.


Brian Andrzejewski bandrzej

@USCIS (work) + off-duty and personal projects Washington, DC

Peter BoogiemanNSK

Russia, Novosibirsk

Julian Benavides julianbenavides

Systems engineer with extensive experience in the industry, specialized in server infrastructure, systems development, and solution architecture

Public Health Agency of Canada Winnipeg, MB

lastsky lastsky

люблю чтоб было тихо.

@gitinsky Antarctica

Pavel Jurca paveljurca

Speak English, write Perl


Cameron J. Loader cloader89

Racspace Hosting - Software Developer United States

Abdul Al-Faraj AbdulR3hman

Software Developer working at @barings. Love programming and learning about programming. Get it touch, don't be shy!

Barings London, UK

Gareth Saxby garethsaxby

Learner, SysAd and Techie.

Rackspace United Kingdom

Devyn Spencer devynspencer

I'm the Linux sysadmin Gotham needs, but doesn't deserve.


MikkoF MikkoF

E-commerce and open-source junky - Inspired by business development, web dev, and free stuff. All tweets my own @shuup

@shuup Los Angeles

Austin Small asmalldev

Programmer and Linux user interested in embedded development and DevOps

Boston, MA

Kotobuki Chaofan kotobukki

Yep,geek here.

@codex-studio Shanghai China

Willem Jan Faber WillemJan

Just this guy, you know?