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Imports System
Public Class Application
Public Shared Sub Main()
' A nice thing about this example is it will demonstrate program
' errors/exceptions if the wrong values are entered.
' You will learn more about that in the data validation and
' error handling chapters.
System.Console.WriteLine("Enter a Integer and press enter")
Dim a As Integer = CInt(Console.ReadLine())
System.Console.WriteLine("You have entered the integer: " & a.ToString )
System.Console.WriteLine("Enter a Decimal (eg 5.55) and press enter")
Dim b As Decimal = CDec(Console.ReadLine())
System.Console.WriteLine("You have entered the decimal: " & b.ToString)
System.Console.WriteLine("Enter a String and press enter")
Dim c As String = Console.ReadLine()
System.Console.WriteLine("You have entered the string: " & c)
End Sub
End Class