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Majorsilence Reporting, .NET report designer and viewer. Fork of fyireporting,
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"FYIReporting Designer is a report and charting system based on Microsoft's Report Definition Language (RDL). 
Tabular, free form, matrix, charts are fully supported. HTML, PDF, XML, .Net Control, and printing supported. 
A WYSIWYG designer allows you to create reports without knowledge of RDL. Wizards are available for creating new 
reports and for inserting new tables, matrixes, and charts into existing reports." (

Use the report viewer .NET controls from ASP.NET, WPF, or Winforms using C#, F#, VB.NET, IronPython, or any 
other .NET language.  The winform viewer also works in linux using mono.  There is also a basic Gtk# (gtk-sharp) 

My-FyiReporting is a fork of fyiReporting.  I cannot stress this enough.  This is a FORK.
The main purpose is to make sure that I have a copy of fyiReporting since that project seems to be dead.

I know there are other forks but last I checked they also seemed to be dead.  The main fyiReporting site is 
found at and it has exmpales found at and 
the forum is  However has I said above for the most part it is a dead 
UPDATE: It looks like there is another fork ReportFU and it looks alive.  
UPDATE: What looks like another live fork NReport
Perhaps I will be able to merge my changes into that project at some point.

Also check this projects wiki as information will be slowly added.

This is currently built with visual studio 2008 and targets .net 2.  It should be easy to use visual studio 2010
and target .net 4, just upgrade the solution files.  You can also run the build script in the Release-Builds folder
to build .net 3.5 and 4.0 packages.  

Binary packages are always available from


	* DataProviders\DataProviders.sln
	* Images\
	* OracleSp\OracleSp.sln
		* Requires Oracle Data Provider for .NET
	* RdlAsp\RdlAsp.sln
		* Asp controls to display reports in and silverlight pages.
		* References RdlEngine
	* RdlCMD\RdlCmd.sln
		* Command line tools
		* References RdlEngine
	* RdlCri\RdlCri.sln
		* I am currently not sure what this is
		* References RdlEngine
	* RdlDesign\RdlDesign.sln
		* Is the main graphical drag and drop designer used to create reports.
		* References RdlEngine
		* References RdlViewer
	* RdlDesktop\RdlDesktop.sln
		* References RdlEngine
	* RdlEngine\RdlEngine.sln
		* Main engine.  Is referenced in many of the other projects
	* RdlGtkViewer\RdlGtkViewer.sln
		* A Gtk# (gtk-sharp) viewer
	* RdlViewer
		* References RdlEngine
		* Disabled COM interop
	* RdlMapFile\RdlMapFile.sln
		 *Something to do about maps
	* RdlTest\RdlTests.sln
		 * Tests
	* ReportSever\

All contributions welcome.  I'll try to respond the same day to any emails or pull requests.  Or within a few 
days at the most.

*Install visual studio 2008/2010 (express should work)
    *Install .net 3.5sp1 sdk
    *Install .net 4.0 sdk
    ----*This is to use the release build script in the Release-Builds\ folder
    ----*Only required if you want to use the release script
*Install database references for the databases you want to work with
    * SQLite
    * MySQL ADO.NET Driver
    * Firebird
    * Oracel
*Create github account if you already do not have one
*Create a fork of My-FyiReporting master branch
*Do your changes
*Commit your changes to your for
*Send a pull request and I'll commit the changes or send feed back

*Cleanup current wiki documents
*Add new tutorials
*Add new examples
*Add new documentation

Open Positions:
*Every project and every feature, for example
*DataProviders Maintainer
*RdlEngine Maintainer
*RdlDesigner Maintainer
*RdlViewer Maintainer
*RdlMapFile Maintainer

RDL Compliance
Report file format specifications can be obtained from microsoft.  I believe fyiReporting is currently mostly 
compatiable with RDL 2005.  If you want to add more features see the specfications.

RDL specifications:
2005 direct link:
2008 direct link:
2008 R2 direct link:

User interface tutorials:
ReportingCloud (another fork) has made some tutorials for using the designer and creating reports.

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