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If you are attempting to install Exuberant Ctags on a Unix-like platform
(one that can at least run a Bourne shell script) see the file INSTALL.
Installation Notes
For non-Unix platforms, simple makefiles are provided:
descrip.mms For VMS using either DEC C or VAX C
mk_bc3.mak For MSDOS using Borland C/C++ 3.x
mk_bc5.mak For Win32 using Borland C++ 5.5
mk_djg.mak For MSDOS using DJGPP Gnu GCC (better to follow Unix install)
mk_manx.mak For Amiga using Aztec/Manx C 5.0
mk_mingw.mak For Win32 using MinGW
mk_mpw.mak For Macintosh using MPW
mk_mvc.mak For Win32 using Microsoft Visual C++
mk_os2.mak For OS/2 using GCC (EMX)
mk_qdos.mak For QDOS using C68
mk_riscos.mak For RISC OS using the GCC SDK <>
mk_sas.mak For Amiga using SAS/C
Special Notes
It is better to follow the standard Unix install on DJGPP, but this requires
that you use BASH and requires a fairly complete installation of GJGPP
packages. You can use mk_djg.mak if you can't run configure.
Macintosh with MPW:
To build Ctags on MPW you will have to have the Metrowerks compilers
or you will have to edit the makefiles yourself.
Since the makefile for MPW is called mk_mpw.mak you will have to give
the command: `Make -f mk_mpw.mak CTags` and then select the output
and execute it. Alternatively you could rename this makefile to
CTags.make and issue the command `Build CTags`.
If the build process goes wrong make sure the line endings for the
makefile are set to MacOS (CR instead of LF).
This version of Ctags only accepts and emits unix style paths. This was
done since it was easier to implement (few changes in main source files)
and since I ported Ctags to MPW to use with Pepper which also works with
unix style paths internally. Besides, since we're now moving to MacOS X
anyway, Mac programmers are getting used to unix style paths anyway.
Example, suppose you have a project using PowerPlant which is located in
'HD20:tools:PowerPlant:' and you want a tags file for all powerplant
sources and your projects sources. Go to the root directory of your
project and type:
CTags -R . '/HD20/tools/PowerPlant/'
The '.' in this command means current directory. You will also have to
put quotes around the full unix style path since / has a special meaning
in MPW.
Regex support on RISC OS is available when compiled to use the RISC OS port
of the GNU regex library, which can be obtained from:
Using 'Set RexEx$Path <Obey$Dir>.' in the regex-0/12 directory will ensure
it can be found.