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# $Id$
# Simple makefile for Borland C++ 3.1
!include source.mak
# Adjust the paths to your location of the borland C files
BCCLOC = c:\borlandc
CC = $(BCCLOC)\bin\bcc
INC = -I$(BCCLOC)\include
LIB = -L$(BCCLOC)\lib
# Add this file for wildcard expansion (does NOT work with 4.0!)
#EXTRA = $(BCCLOC)\lib\wildargs.obj
# The following compile options can be changed for better machines.
# replace -1- with -2 to produce code for a 80286 or higher
# replace -1- with -3 to produce code for a 80386 or higher
# add -v for source debugging
CFLAGS = -DMSDOS -ml -d -w-ccc -w-par -w-pia -w-rch -w-sus $(INC)
ctags.exe: $(SOURCES) respbc3
$(CC) $(OPTIMIZE) -e$@ @respbc3
debug: dctags.exe
dctags.exe: $(SOURCES) respbc3 debug.c
$(CC) -DDEBUG -v -e$@ @respbc3 debug.c
respbc3: mk_bc3.mak
copy &&|
| $@
del *.exe
del *.obj
del respbc3
del tags