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# $Id$
# Makefile for Exuberant Ctags under Win32 with MinGW compiler
include source.mak
REGEX_DEFINES = -DHAVE_REGCOMP -D__USE_GNU -Dbool=int -Dfalse=0 -Dtrue=1 -Dstrcasecmp=stricmp
CFLAGS = -Wall
INCLUDES = -I. -Ignu_regex
CC = gcc
ctags.exe: OPT = -O4
dctags.exe: OPT = -g
dctags.exe: DEBUG = -DDEBUG
dctags.exe: SOURCES += debug.c
ctags: ctags.exe
ctags.exe dctags.exe: $(SOURCES) $(REGEX_SOURCES) $(HEADERS) $(REGEX_HEADERS)
readtags.exe: readtags.c
- rm -f ctags.exe
- rm -f dctags.exe
- rm -f tags