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# $Id$
# Makefile for Exuberant Ctags on RISC OS
GCC = gcc -DRISCOS -mthrowback
REGEX = -I RegEx:
OPT = -O3
CC = $(GCC) $(OPT)
# Object list
o.args o.asm o.asp o.awk o.beta o.clang o.cobol o.eiffel o.entry
o.erlang o.fortran o.get o.keyword o.lisp o.lregex o.lua o.main \
o.make o.options o.parse o.pascal o.perl o.php o.python \
o.rexx o.routines o.ruby o.scheme o.slang o.sort o.strlist \
o.tcl o.verilog o.vim o.vstring o.yacc
all: $(OBJECTS)
gcc -o ctags $(OBJECTS) RegEx:libregex
install: ctags
squeeze -v ctags ctags
create o.!fake! 0
wipe o.* ~cf
IfThere ctags Then remove ctags
# Rules for object files
o.args: c.args
$(CC) -c c.args -o o.args
o.asm: c.asm
$(CC) $(REGEX) -c c.asm -o o.asm
o.asp: c.asp
$(CC) -c c.asp -o o.asp
o.awk: c.awk
$(CC) -c c.awk -o o.awk
o.beta: c.beta
$(CC) -c c.beta -o o.beta
o.clang: c.c
$(CC) -c c.c -o o.clang
o.cobol: c.cobol
$(CC) -c c.cobol -o o.cobol
o.eiffel: c.eiffel
$(CC) -c c.eiffel -o o.eiffel
o.entry: c.entry
$(CC) -c c.entry -o o.entry
o.erlang: c.erlang
$(CC) -c c.erlang -o o.erlang
o.fortran: c.fortran
$(CC) -c c.fortran -o o.fortran
o.get: c.get
$(CC) -c c.get -o o.get
o.keyword: c.keyword
$(CC) -c c.keyword -o o.keyword
o.lisp: c.lisp
$(CC) -c c.lisp -o o.lisp
o.lregex: c.lregex
$(CC) $(REGEX) -c c.lregex -o o.lregex
o.lua: c.lua
$(CC) -c c.lua -o o.lua
o.main: c.main
$(CC) -c c.main -o o.main
o.make: c.make
$(CC) -c c.make -o o.make
o.options: c.options
$(CC) -c c.options -o o.options
o.parse: c.parse
$(CC) -c c.parse -o o.parse
o.pascal: c.pascal
$(CC) -c c.pascal -o o.pascal
o.perl: c.perl
$(CC) -c c.perl -o o.perl
o.php: c.php
$(CC) -c c.php -o o.php
o.python: c.python
$(CC) -c c.python -o o.python
$(CC) -c -o
o.rexx: c.rexx
$(CC) -c c.rexx -o o.rexx
o.routines: c.routines
$(CC) -c c.routines -o o.routines
o.ruby: c.ruby
$(CC) -c c.ruby -o o.ruby
o.scheme: c.scheme
$(CC) -c c.scheme -o o.scheme
$(CC) -c -o
o.slang: c.slang
$(CC) -c c.slang -o o.slang
o.sort: c.sort
$(CC) -c c.sort -o o.sort
o.sml: c.sml
$(CC) -c c.sml -o o.sml
o.sql: c.sql
$(CC) -c c.sql -o o.sql
o.strlist: c.strlist
$(CC) -c c.strlist -o o.strlist
o.tcl: c.tcl
$(CC) -c c.tcl -o o.tcl
o.vim: c.vim
$(CC) -c c.vim -o o.vim
o.vstring: c.vstring
$(CC) -c c.vstring -o o.vstring
o.yacc: c.yacc
$(CC) -c c.yacc -o o.yacc
# End of Makefile
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