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* $Id$
* Copyright (c) 2002, Darren Hiebert
* This source code is released for free distribution under the terms of the
* GNU General Public License.
* External interface to routines.c
#ifndef _ROUTINES_H
#define _ROUTINES_H
#include "general.h" /* must always come first */
#define xMalloc(n,Type) (Type *)eMalloc((size_t)(n) * sizeof (Type))
#define xCalloc(n,Type) (Type *)eCalloc((size_t)(n), sizeof (Type))
#define xRealloc(p,n,Type) (Type *)eRealloc((p), (n) * sizeof (Type))
* Portability macros
# if defined (MSDOS_STYLE_PATH)
# define PATH_SEPARATOR '\\'
# elif defined (QDOS)
# define PATH_SEPARATOR '_'
# else
# define PATH_SEPARATOR '/'
# endif
#if defined (MSDOS_STYLE_PATH) && defined (UNIX_PATH_SEPARATOR)
#if defined (MSDOS_STYLE_PATH) || defined (VMS)
extern const char *const PathDelimiters;
extern char *CurrentDirectory;
typedef int errorSelection;
enum eErrorTypes { FATAL = 1, WARNING = 2, PERROR = 4 };
typedef struct {
/* Name of file for which status is valid */
char* name;
/* Does file exist? If not, members below do not contain valid data. */
boolean exists;
/* is file path a symbolic link to another file? */
boolean isSymbolicLink;
/* Is file (pointed to) a directory? */
boolean isDirectory;
/* Is file (pointed to) a normal file? */
boolean isNormalFile;
/* Is file (pointed to) executable? */
boolean isExecutable;
/* Is file (pointed to) setuid? */
boolean isSetuid;
/* Size of file (pointed to) */
unsigned long size;
} fileStatus;
extern void freeRoutineResources (void);
extern void setExecutableName (const char *const path);
extern const char *getExecutableName (void);
extern const char *getExecutablePath (void);
extern void error (const errorSelection selection, const char *const format, ...) __printf__ (2, 3);
/* Memory allocation functions */
extern void *malloc (size_t);
extern void *realloc (void *ptr, size_t);
extern void *eMalloc (const size_t size);
extern void *eCalloc (const size_t count, const size_t size);
extern void *eRealloc (void *const ptr, const size_t size);
extern void eFree (void *const ptr);
/* String manipulation functions */
extern int struppercmp (const char *s1, const char *s2);
extern int strnuppercmp (const char *s1, const char *s2, size_t n);
extern char* strstr (const char *str, const char *substr);
extern char* eStrdup (const char* str);
extern void toLowerString (char* str);
extern void toUpperString (char* str);
extern char* newLowerString (const char* str);
extern char* newUpperString (const char* str);
/* File system functions */
extern void setCurrentDirectory (void);
extern fileStatus *eStat (const char *const fileName);
extern void eStatFree (fileStatus *status);
extern boolean doesFileExist (const char *const fileName);
extern boolean isRecursiveLink (const char* const dirName);
extern boolean isSameFile (const char *const name1, const char *const name2);
extern int fgetpos (FILE *stream, fpos_t *pos);
extern int fsetpos (FILE *stream, fpos_t *pos);
extern const char *baseFilename (const char *const filePath);
extern const char *fileExtension (const char *const fileName);
extern boolean isAbsolutePath (const char *const path);
extern vString *combinePathAndFile (const char *const path, const char *const file);
extern char* absoluteFilename (const char *file);
extern char* absoluteDirname (char *file);
extern char* relativeFilename (const char *file, const char *dir);
extern FILE *tempFile (const char *const mode, char **const pName);
#endif /* _ROUTINES_H */
/* vi:set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: */