feature request: add option to ZoomWindow() to allow window resize by value instead maximize #189

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Please add option to allow resize tagbar window instead maximizing it
I am working with long functions with complex parameters list. A lot of polymorphism is used and functions call their polymorphic versions, so when tracing calls I would like to also see the window with source code, but with tagbar expanded.

Can you add option (another keybinding or another config option for tagbar) to allow expanding size of tagbar window?


I'll try to describe this with some more details.
I am working on a code with methods that are same name and have some first parameters the same type and name.
I need to see at the same time the source code and all those methods prototypes.
Unfortunately, the prototypes are about 100+ characters long. So when I see the code all prototypes in tagbar windo looks like below:

void do_something(UINT16 param1, UINT8 param2, |<- this is end of tagbar window ....

And those methods have around 5-6 parameters with last one different.
In order to see all parameters I need to resize the window, but at the same time I would like to see the source code.
So I need to switch to bigger size for a while and then, to switch back to normal size.
Ideally this bigger size should be as big as the longest visible line in tagbar window (if it is possible ...)

@majutsushi majutsushi closed this in 42ce291 Feb 4, 2014

Okay, I've finally had the time to add this. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.


Works great!

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