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- The "uniqueid" call channel variable available in dialplan.rb is now *always* a String
- Renamed interruptable_play to interruptible_play and made interruptible_play() public instead of protected.
- Fixed an Asterisk Manager Interface parsing issue in which colons sometimes got stuck into the key name.
- AGI "request" variable coercer will not blow up if no request is given. (Helps in testing with netcat/telnet)
- When a call hangs up, Adhearsion will no longer show random exceptions (that were okay) and instead allows the user to rescue a Hangup exception.
- ManagerInterfaceResponse now include()s DRbUndumped, allowing send_action() to be called directly over DRb.
- Fixes an inconsequential bug when CTL-C'ing Adhearsion.
- The sandbox component now comes
- Minor bug fixes
0.8.0 rev 2
- Added a few non-critical files to the .gemspec. They were ignored
Notes from before 0.8.0:
- (NOTE: This is obviously not a comprehensive list of pre-0.8.0 work. 0.8.0 was a complete rewrite of the previous version)
- Adding a deprecation warning about Fixnum#digit and Fixnum#digits
- Removed the AMI class and replaced it with the ManagerInterface class.
- The old AMI high-level instance methods are available in the new ManagerInterface class, but a deprecation warning will be logged each time they're used. When the SuperManager class is implemented, they'll be removed entirely.
- Moved Theatre into Adhearsion's lib folder.