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* Scheduler automatically Syncs pending messages to the configured Callback URL.
* Now sends out messages from the configured callback URL as text message.
* Imports messages from Android messages app inbox for synchronizing to the configured callback
* Added context menu for deleting or synchronizing pending messages.
* Improved callback URL validation process; Added more checks. Empty, malformed and connection
* More sanity checks before SMSSync can be enabled.
Known issue:
* Scheduler doesn't refresh pending messages' list after it runs. The pending messages screen needs
to be restarted.
* Notification cannot be cleared untill SMSSync is stopped.
* Failed Messages now get sent to the outbox folder for later manual syncing when data connection is lost.
* Downgraded to Android 1.6 so smssync works from 1.6 and above.
* Now sms can be deleted from the sms inbox. This is a configurable option.
* Fixed issue with the secret variable.
* Better support for localization - All hardcoded strings have been moved to the string.xml file.
* Supports outbox -- for pending messages that manually needs to be synced.
* Improved SMS background service -- Now it starts and stops perfectly.
* Added version number to the powered by text on the Settings screen.
* Changed notification Icon to SMSSync's slick launch icon.
* Shows status of Pending messages. Whether there are pending messages or not.
* Prepopulates URL field with "http://" when setting up the sync URL.
* Sends an auto response once the SMS is recieved. This is a configurable option.
* Validates the callback URL for