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Amon2::DBI - Simple DBI wrapper

    use Amon2::DBI;

    my $dbh = Amon2::DBI->connect(...);

Amon2::DBI is a simple DBI wrapper. It provides better usability for you.

If your DBI version is higher than 1.614, Amon2::DBI set AutoInactiveDestroy as true.

Amon2::DBI set sqlite_unicode and mysql_enable_utf8 automatically.

Amon2::DBI supports nested transaction management based on RAII like DBIx::Class or DBIx::Skinny. It uses DBIx::TransactionManager internally.

Amon2::DBI raises exception if your $dbh occurred exception.

Amon2::DBI is-a DBI. And Amon2::DBI provides some additional methods.

Amon2::DBI uses SQL::Interp as a SQL generator. Amon2::DBI generate SQL using @args and do it.

It's equivalent to following statement:

    $dbh->do_i(qq{INSERT INTO $table }, \%row);

Tokuhiro Matsuno <tokuhirom AAJKLFJEF GMAIL COM>

Copyright (C) Tokuhiro Matsuno

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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