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Collection of command line tools used in our daily work with Ruby, Rails and Linux.


Geordi is a collection of command line tools we use in our daily work with Ruby, Rails and Linux at makandra.

Installing the geordi gem will install some binaries (see below):

gem install geordi


The base command line utility offering most of the commands.

You may abbreviate commands by typing only the first letter(s), e.g. geordi dev will boot a development server, geordi s -t will setup a project and run tests afterwards. Underscores and dashes are equivalent.

For details on commands, e.g. supported options, run geordi help <command>.

geordi apache-site VIRTUAL_HOST

Enable the given virtual host, disabling all others.

geordi capistrano COMMAND

Run a capistrano command on all deploy targets.

Example: geordi capistrano deploy

geordi cleanup-directory

Remove unneeded files.

geordi commit

Commit using a story title from Pivotal Tracker.

geordi console [TARGET]

Open a Rails console locally or on a Capistrano deploy target.

Open a local Rails console: geordi console

Open a Rails console on staging: geordi console staging

geordi cucumber [FILES]

Run Cucumber features.

Example: geordi cucumber features/authentication_feature:3

Runs Cucumber as you want: with bundle exec, cucumber_spinner detection, separate Firefox for Selenium, etc.

geordi deploy

Guided deployment.

geordi devserver

Start a development server.

geordi dump [TARGET]

Handle dumps.

When called without arguments, dumps the development database with dumple.

geordi dump

When called with the --load option, sources the specified dump into the development database.

geordi dump -l tmp/staging.dump

When called with a capistrano deploy target (e.g. staging), remotely dumps the specified target's database and downloads it to tmp/.

geordi dump staging

When called with a capistrano deploy target and the --load option, sources the dump into the development database after downloading it.

geordi dump staging -l

geordi eurest

Open the current Eurest cantina menu.

geordi help [COMMAND]

Describe available commands or one specific command.

geordi migrate

Migrate all databases.

Example: geordi migrate

If you are using parallel_tests, this runs migrations in your development environment and rake parallel:prepare afterwards. Otherwise, invokes geordi rake with db:migrate.

geordi png-optimize

Optimize .png files.

  • Removes color profiles: cHRM, sRGB, gAMA, ICC, etc.
  • Eliminates unused colors and reduces bit-depth (if possible)
  • May reduce PNG file size lossless

Batch-optimize all *.png files in a directory:

geordi png-optimize directory

Batch-optimize the current directory:

geordi png-optimize .

Optimize a single file:

geordi png-optimize input.png

geordi rake TASK

Run a rake task in several Rails environments.

Example: geordi rake db:migrate

TASK is run in the following Rails environments (if present):

  • development
  • test
  • cucumber

geordi remove-executable-flags

Remove executable-flags from files that should not be executable.

geordi rspec [FILES]

Run RSpec.

Example: geordi rspec spec/models/user_spec.rb:13

Runs RSpec as you want: with RSpec 1/2 detection, bundle exec, rspec_spinner detection, etc.

geordi security-update [STEP]

Support for performing security updates.

Preparation for security update: geordi security-update

After performing the update: geordi security-update finish

Switches branches, pulls, pushes and deploys as required by our workflow. Tells what it will do before it does it.

geordi setup

Setup a project for the first time.

Example: geordi setup

Check out a repository, cd into its directory. Now let setup do the tiring work: run bundle install, create database.yml, create databases, migrate (all if applicable).

After setting up, loads a dump into the development db when called with the --dump option:

geordi setup -d staging

After setting up, runs all tests when called with the --test option:

geordi setup -t

See geordi help setup for details.

geordi setup-firefox-for-selenium VERSION

Install a special firefox for running Selenium tests.

geordi setup-vnc

Setup VNC for running Selenium tests there.

geordi shell TARGET

Open a shell on a Capistrano deploy target.

Example: geordi shell production

Lets you select the server to connect to when called with --select-server:

geordi shell production -s

geordi tests

Run all employed tests.

geordi unit

Run Test::Unit.

geordi update

Bring a project up to date.

Example: geordi update

Performs: git pull, bundle install (if necessary) and migrates (if applicable).

After updating, loads a dump into the development db when called with the --dump option:

geordi update -d staging

After updating, runs all tests when called with the --test option:

geordi update -t

See geordi help update for details.

geordi version

Print the current version of geordi.

geordi vnc-show

Show the hidden VNC window.

geordi with-firefox-for-selenium COMMAND

Run a command with firefox for selenium set up.

Example: geordi with-firefox-for-selenium b cucumber

Useful when you need Firefox for Selenium, but can't use the geordi cucumber command.


Runs the given command under bundle exec if a Gemfile is present in your working directory. If no Gemfile is present just runs the given command:

b spec spec/models

More information at


Stores a timestamped database dump for the given Rails environment in ~/dumps:

dumple development

More information at


Used by the geordi cucumber command. Makes launchy open pages in the user's browser, as opposed to opening it within the VNC window.


Copy lib/geordi/COMMAND_TEMPLATE to lib/geordi/commands/your_command and edit it to do what you need it to do. Usually, it is hard to automatedly test Geordi commands, so make sure you've manually tested it.

Don't forget to update this README. The whole geordi section is auto-generated by rake update_readme.

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