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This gem is no longer maintained!

Most of the functionality of rspec_candy is now built into modern versions of RSpec.

rspec_candy Build Status

A collection of nifty helpers and matchers for your RSpec suite.

Tested on:

  • RSpec 1 / Rails 2.3
  • RSpec 2 / Rails 3.2
  • RSpec 3 / Rails 4.2


Add rspec_candy to your Gemfile.

Now, in your spec_helper.rb, add this after your RSpec requires:

require 'rspec_candy/all'

If you only care about the matchers or helpers you can also more specifically require:

require 'rspec_candy/matchers'
require 'rspec_candy/helpers'

Matchers provided


Tests if the given number is the "same" as the receiving number, regardless of whether you're comparing Fixnums (integers), Floats and BigDecimals:

100.should be_same_number_as(100.0)
50.4.should be_same_number_as(BigDecimal('50.4'))

Note that "same" means "same for your purposes". Internally the matcher compares normalized results of #to_s.


Tests if the given Time or DateTime is the same as the receiving Time or DateTime, ignoring sub-second differences:

Time.parse('2012-12-01 14:00:00.5').should == Time.parse('2012-12-01 14:00')

Note that two times in a different time zones will still be considered different.


Matches if the given hash is included in the receiving hash:

{ :foo => 'a', :bar => 'b' }.should include_hash(:foo => 'a') # passes
{ :foo => 'a', :bar => 'b' }.should include_hash(:foo => 'b') # fails
{ :foo => 'a', :bar => 'b' }.should include_hash(:foo => 'a', :baz => 'c') # fails

Helpers provided

Extensions to Object


Like "should_receive", but also executes the method.


Expects multiple returns at once:

dog.should_receive_and_return(:bark => "Woof", :fetch => "stick")


Expect a chain of method calls:

dog.should_receive_chain(:bark, :upcase).and_return("WOOF")

You can also expect arguments, like:

dog.should_receive_chain([:bark, 'loudly'], :upcase).and_return("WOOF!!!")


Like stub, but complains if the method did not exist in the first place.

Extensions to Class


Like dup for classes. This will temporarily add a method to a class:

copy = Model.disposable_copy do
  def foo; end

object =


Instantiates and stubs in one call:

Model.new_with_stubs(:to_param => '1')


Backport for any_instance.stub to RSpec1.

Extensions to example groups


Extension to 'it_should_behave_like`, not necessary for RSpec2.

Allows parametrizing shared examples, exposes parameters as lets:

shared_examples_for "an animal" do
  it 'should make noises' do
    subject.say.should == expected_noise

describe Dog do
  it_should_act_like 'an animal', :expected_noise => 'Woof!'

Blocks are passed as a let named "block".

Extensions to ActiveRecord::Base


Only on Rails.

Creates a record without validations or callbacks (like a stub in the database). Can be significantly faster than a factory.

##Changes from previous versions:

  • new_and_store has been renamed to store_with_values
  • create_without_callbacks has been renamed to store_with_values
  • keep_invalid! has been renamed to prevent_storage
  • Object#should_not_receive_and_execute has been removed (same as Object#should_not_receive)
  • should_receive_all_with (over-generic method name for a helper that is rarely useful)