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Platformers/reflex-based games


A duel between two players to the death:
Picture of duel

Boulder Dash clone

Mine those gems (and mind the boulders):
Boulder dashery

Dragon's lair (and potentially other fmv / qte games)

The famous dragon's lair Full Motion Video game on the bitbox in ~ 200LoC / 50kB !

dragons lair

Game & Watch style Fire

Help those people escape

Game & Watch Mario Bros

Again, Mario is to blame.


Try to jump as high as you can, even into space:
Space jumper

Polarity clone

Opposites attract and like charges repel:

Rapid Ball

control a ball falling on platforms... beware of falling into ground or ceiling!
Mind the edges


A snake-clone for the bitbox (one or two player):
Here be dragons


A tetris-clone for the bitbox (one or two player):
With music, too.

Puzzle/challenge games

2048 clone

3D Checkers

A game of checkers in 3D (two player hotseat):

Memory matrix

memorize rows and columns of colors to put them back:

Alter Ego

A port to the bitbox micro (and the bitbox !) of a famous ZX / NES game !


Gameboy emulator

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Thomson MO5 emulator

an emulator for the french 8-bit famous computer MO5 (runs on the micro)


Amiga MOD player

Drum loop sequencer

Tracker for chiptune engine


Slideshow presenter

gives presentations on the bitbox from a PDF slideshow (including a presentation given at FOSDEM 2015):

Works in progress (WIP)

Create your own games with some of these skeletons/prototypes!


A raycasting game (just walking in a maze now):

Bomberman clone

Outrun style racing

Some prototype view modes

Multimodes, 3d modes, etc.: