Audio cues for meditation using Node.js and Bluetooth Heart Rate sensor
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Sandbox project to play with Bluetooth pulse sensor.

This is a test project to:

  1. Log heart rate during meditation sessions
  2. Test audio cues during meditation

How to use

  1. Run npm install. noble is the only dependancy to read heart rate data from Bluetooth sensor
  2. Run node 1_scan_uuid.js to get UUID of your sensor.
  3. Run TICKR_UUID=uuid AUDIO_CUE_PERIOD=60 node 2_start_session.js to start session. It'll play audio cues every AUDIO_CUE_PERIOD seconds and log heart rate to a file in session_logs folder.

Check out your last session heart rate report

Heart rate vs time using Node.js and Bluetooth Pule Sensor TICKR