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A talk+workshop on Accelerating Your Security Learning in 2017 given at null Bangalore 2017

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Accelerating Your Security Learning in 2017

Get the google document here

Accelerating Your Security Learning in 2017 Google Sheet

A new year is always a good time to take stock, see where we are, make some resolutions and think about what is next for us. Since this is going to be the very first meet for null Bangalore in 2017 what would be useful is to look at how can all of us as community members and the community come together to plan a structured way to accelerate our security learning.

This isn't strictly a technical talk. But I believe this is a really important one. We all would like to learn new things in security and always think about how to improve. The work that we do in this talk and workshop will allow us to do this in a manner that is

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Result oriented, Realistic &
  • Community Driven

Talk Agenda

  • Why is this talk important and required
  • What are we trying to do
  • Bunch of How questions
    • How do we know where we are?
    • How do we get to where we want to go?
    • How do we know we have arrived?
    • How will I remember everything?
    • How will I collaborate with others?
    • How should I seek help?
    • How can I make full use of the community?

Outcomes and Objectives

  1. You will leave the talk with a generic roadmap based on where you are in the journey
  2. You will get a new language to understand and measure
  3. You will find that there are others like you and you are all in this together
  4. You will discover that the community can provide multiple ways to get people together to collaborate and learn
  5. You will definitely leave with a clear idea of where you are headed

To run the presentation

Install reveal-md

npm install -g reveal-md

More details here

Once reveal-md is installed, use this command

reveal-md -s "\n\n\n\n" -v "\n\n\n"

You can always run the presentation without downloading the rest of the repo

reveal-md -s "\n\n\n\n" -v "\n\n\n"


A talk+workshop on Accelerating Your Security Learning in 2017 given at null Bangalore 2017






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