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A geographical mapping platform, more than just pins on a map
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Make (your) Place

A geographical mapping platform designed to be reconfigurable and redeployable. Based on Silverstripe and deployed through Docker.


  • Geographical surveys, place series of questions on a map
  • Rich survey api to interact with your surveys outside of the site
  • Commenting & Voting on survey responses
  • Full CMS to configure and design your deployment's website
  • Dynamic filtering interface which is completely configurable
  • Customisable theme by docker variables

Project Structure

  • Features are implemented as Silverstripe modules; root level folders each with their own MVC structure inside
  • JavaScript & SCSS transpiling via Webpack (placed in /public), see scripts/build-assets and scripts/dev-runtime
  • Server is split into 2 docker images, one for all packages (js & php) the other add project code, see base.Dockerfile and Dockerfile
  • Server is based on PHP Composer Image to provide php5-fpm & nginx stack with php-composer to install modules



  1. Start up your containers
cd into/your/project
docker-compose up -d --build
docker-compose ps

# You'll need to setup the geo database and run migrations
# use the geo in docker-compose for whats required
# see:
  1. Start webpack watch to compile assets
npm install    # Only on your first run
npm run dev
open http://localhost:8080
  1. All code should be mapped into your container so saving and reloading will always be the latest version

Deploying Image (to GitLab)

We use a CI to continually run tests and build the latest version whenever you commit to master. To publish a specific version run this script:

# (optional) If you have changed composer or npm packages run this
#            and update your Dockerfile to reference the new base
git tag base-$VERSION
docker build -f base.Dockerfile -t mkpl/php-platform:base-$VERSION .
docker push mkpl/php-platform:base-$VERSION

# Build and push image to
npm version # minor | major | patch | ...
docker build -t mkpl/php-platform:$VERSION .
docker push mkpl/php-platform:$VERSION

Detailed Project Structure

Folder Contents
_config Various configurations for the project including webpack setup and scss shared variables
assets Volumed mapped from container, where Silverstripe puts uplaoded assets
auth Auth Module, logic related to logging in and registering
docs Generated documentation for the API, generate with scripts/apidoc
interaction Interaction Module, logic related to voting and commenting on things
maps Maps Module, logic related to setting up and viewing configurable maps
mysite Mysite Module, shared logic between modules and the basis for others to use
node_modules Imported javascript modules, install with npm install
public Static files to be included in html, Webpack also transpiles into here
scripts Various scripts to ease development, from building the docker image or running Webpack
surveys Survey Module, logic realted to creating and rendering surveys for people to answer
themes Generic templates & styles for rendering pages server-side

Environment variables

Here are the environment variables the project uses and what they are used for. Required variables will fail the docker build if they are missing, non-required can be ignored but their relevant features will not work.

Variable Required Meaning
DB_HOST yes The host providing the database, in Docker this can be the name of a linked database container
DB_USER yes The user Silverstripe will use to access the database
DB_PASS yes The password of the above user
DB_NAME yes The database to store site data in, the user must have access to it and be able to edit the schema
DB_TYPE no The type of database to connect to, default is MySQLDatabase
DB_PATH no The directory a file-based database will be store, e.g. /app/testdb/
SITE_ENV no The mode of the site, live, testing, dev; defaults to live
LOCALE no The locale of the site, used for date formatting & translations, defaults to en_GB
LOG_FILE no Where to store the log file, relative to this mysite/_config.php
DEFAULT_USER no The username of the default admin to create, must also have DEFAULT_PASS set
DEFAULT_PASS no The password of the default admin to create, must also have DEFAULT_USER set
LOG_EMAIL no An email to send server errors to
ADMIN_EMAIL no The email address emails will come from
CONTACT_EMAIL no The email address for people to contact the system owner
SITE_BASE no If the server is being run on a subdirectory e.g., setting this will fix Silverstripe's URLs. For this example set to /dokku/my-site/
G_RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC no Your Google Recaptcha public key
G_RECAPTCHA_SECRET no Your Google Recaptcha secret key
SENDGRID_API_KEY no Your Sendgrid Api key
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