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Commits on Feb 12, 2013
@makefu minikrebs now uses traits instead of profiles 36750ad
@makefu //minikrebs/oncology -> //god/oncology d934fc1
@makefu update copy_profile 451aa08
Commits on Feb 17, 2013
@makefu usb/root_overlay: add fstab file 70598a9
Commits on Feb 23, 2013
@makefu add vfd_lcd mod 9b60baa
@makefu add hide_pkgs to available traits 99b4046
@makefu fix random bugs dd7f282
@makefu add audio trait c6f7c7b
@makefu add documentation for profiles 8fa0e81
@makefu add madplayer/overlay_krebs profile 40008df
@makefu add readme cf0ff02
@makefu add README for minimal traits d71a0bc
@makefu add nfc_login manager fbeb23d
@makefu vfd_lcd required package is coreutis-stty 6477aa4
@makefu add core led control,
nfc-login requires led scripts in order to work
Commits on Feb 25, 2013
@makefu copy_profile uses lib/append_files
append_files contains a list of which should be appended instead of overwritten
by traits
@makefu instacam -> special_purpose/instacam dc8eac4
@makefu add support for overlay 8e30b1d
@makefu make init_overlay more resilient 80b6c31
@makefu fix perms of all_led and led 3b22c24
@makefu add ffmpeg special_purpose trait 17af0af
@makefu add trait for installing overlay packages 5b9e967
@makefu root_overlay now utilizes firstrun to prepare the overlay a9e229f
@makefu add profile nfc_login 2ec2c38
@makefu add profile shack_streamer 9457083
@makefu in traits - ignore private traits f9a33ae
@makefu fix naming bug in append_files afcb46d
@makefu init_overlay - doing an actual unmount after finishing 0fee0d7
@makefu fix firstrun module b88c08a
@makefu add nfc_Login login-manager autostart e05c106
@makefu add rickroller bare
rickroller bare utilizes hostap and uhttpd
@makefu fix bugged rrhelper a33f671
Commits on Mar 17, 2013
@makefu bugfix 9055c82
Commits on Apr 05, 2013
makefu remove bashisms from source a4bf598
makefu firstrun now uses firstrun.d instead of a single firstrun file 033382b
makefu add HowTo for creating traits 3420161
makefu local variable is mandatory 6ad0973
makefu remove local again e920392
makefu add default password to howto 044fedd
Commits on Apr 24, 2013
@makefu fix firewall thingies 2356caa
@makefu fix the all_led command 2f3fc6e
@makefu login-manager now supports both 125khz and 13mhz 7b1275b
@makefu add comment about NFC reader 62d4915
@makefu add shack bridge f2d39f4
@makefu update shack_instacam 04fbd94
@makefu add wifibridge ec31dcc
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 0872bb4
@makefu add delaywrite, retard version 577c5cf
Commits on Apr 25, 2013
makefu update TLDR 2b809b9
makefu Merge branch 'master' of 769d3df
Commits on May 03, 2013
timm added profile dali_master f049ca1
Commits on May 08, 2013
@Lassulus Lassulus fixed 02_overlay_install no packages error, firstrun fixed 434c9cf
@Lassulus Lassulus added autoconnect to heckenkrebs 4361cf0
Commits on May 10, 2013
@makefu add help text f50a939
@makefu delaywrite: rewritten d6ac97e
@makefu add TODO 61df0ca
@Lassulus Lassulus added ssh_keys & aircrack-overlay traits 8df88c4
@makefu init_overlay is more verbose 1de6d92
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 5e1579b
@makefu fix upgrade stupidity a49cb54
@makefu fix flawed firstrun logic 1643f4d
@Lassulus Lassulus add reaver to aircrack c9a7d9c
@makefu aircrack-overlay it is 6d370fc
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of
@Lassulus Lassulus add dependecy for reaver 545f22a
@makefu special-purpose -> krebs 1b6b8dc
@makefu krebs -> krebs/infest c088cc1
@makefu fix krebs/infest fdefd08
@makefu init_overlay -> beautify output fefa4b2
Commits on May 16, 2013
@makefu add dependency 52af4a9
@makefu update dependencies e89711e
@makefu add kmod-tun bdcb79b
@makefu fix root-overlay 4a89b7a
@Lassulus Lassulus added monitor mode for aircrack 009ff53
@Lassulus Lassulus added rc.local for rickroller b46b4c9
Commits on May 18, 2013
@Lassulus Lassulus Merge branch 'master' of a23be41
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 62b314f
@makefu add airbase-ng command to rc.local of rickroller_advanced 4edd1ac
Commits on May 19, 2013
@makefu fix wildcard package adding 9bd2e5b
@makefu rickroller_advanced will startup a fake access point without user int…
@makefu uhttpd is now a submodule of rickroller (to avoid clashes with rickro…
@makefu rickroller-advanced now uses lighttpd for all the things 5f2a3fb
@makefu rickroller-advanced now uses lighttpd fix ff issue 6f9d199
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 3c94546
Commits on May 20, 2013
@makefu add logging for firstrun 787a486
@makefu logging to /root to avoid log loss 05cd3ae
@Lassulus Lassulus added superheckenkrebs profile ef643d5
@Lassulus Lassulus Merge branch 'master' of 21cf6bb
@makefu respond to all essid 1c16bb4
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 46e6397
Commits on May 23, 2013
@makefu add error handling for easybox_keygen c0df81c
@makefu use all_led instead of obsolete ledoff 8418767
@makefu copy packages only once a43b11f
@Lassulus Lassulus moved autoconnect to autoconnect_old 202e3fd
@Lassulus Lassulus Merge branch 'master' of 0b29fed
@Lassulus Lassulus added autowifi 7fe8335
@makefu add iwlist_env c001cd7
@makefu update iwlist_env 5f13fd6
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of a5a76bc
@Lassulus Lassulus autowifi with connect_function now ff7077f
@Lassulus Lassulus Merge branch 'master' of b909d95
@Lassulus Lassulus comments! 038a78b
@Lassulus Lassulus wifi settings are now comitted 4d13212
@Lassulus Lassulus now with epic scanning 8cf92c5
@Lassulus Lassulus now with easybox module 854bc85
Commits on May 24, 2013
@Lassulus Lassulus beta test of heckenkrebs 0aa05b7
@Lassulus Lassulus beta2 (still untested) 4af33a1
@makefu fix all_led error message 56a3e76
@makefu add easybox_simulator : nonfunct d6c181c
@makefu add luci 28094c1
@Lassulus Lassulus new profiles & autowifi 54be761
@Lassulus Lassulus now with old key deletion 6b9a039
@Lassulus Lassulus now appending 1828363
@makefu add todo c1f70f0
@Lassulus Lassulus lots of stuff a80500f
@makefu update autoconnect TODO 3e23ecf
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 9e03a2f
@makefu now using print env instead of direct echoing 5da56ae
@Lassulus Lassulus now working again :D eca3d9b
@Lassulus Lassulus fixed bugs in encryption detection a7b4d93
@Lassulus Lassulus now escaped fuu 2106798
@Lassulus Lassulus now working profile managment e68db61
@Lassulus Lassulus more encryption fixing e11f73e
@Lassulus Lassulus more comments 5121256
@Lassulus Lassulus shorter wait, fixed loop dcd1450
@Lassulus Lassulus better internet check bede1ec
@Lassulus Lassulus sleep from 5 to 10 e7d475a
@Lassulus Lassulus autoconnect now with led-managment, profile fixed 38ea954
@makefu trying to convince apple it has real interwebs 9bab29b
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of 1b57818
@makefu add wifi and 3g stuff (nonworking i guess) ef9bd9d
@Lassulus Lassulus shorter sleep 982730f
@Lassulus Lassulus temp: 60s wait after check_gateway 46f4d4d
@Lassulus Lassulus temp: changed check_internet to check_gateway fac865e
Commits on May 25, 2013
@Lassulus Lassulus Merge branch 'master' of 184317d
@Lassulus Lassulus added presentation from linuxtag 2013 d74fa7b
@Lassulus Lassulus changed secret server 34ca1d3
@makefu add plugins folder 05a7fe7
@makefu refactor functions for reusability 68d3a63
@makefu fix merge conflict f672dd8
@Lassulus Lassulus more timout, check_internet now, led command changed b2aacea
Commits on May 26, 2013
@makefu add wps, nonworking 7f153b2
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of b5aab36
@Lassulus Lassulus changed from beta2 to stable 9b312d8
@makefu update builder to trunk ed860cc
@makefu add belkin WPS plugin 2aed3d0
@makefu update parser de6c4f8
@makefu update 10default_wps 49ccca8
@makefu cleanup and usage for plugins 49fd4f5
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of
@makefu add wpa_supplicant_wps_logs 9074727
Commits on May 29, 2013
@makefu add timeout for wpa_supplicant d111b10
@makefu move default_wps to back 37f29ea
@makefu 00profile takes root env param 40e9292
@makefu fix bug in 11belkin_wps whitespace in essid 9a6f8d2
@makefu add autowifi_dryrun
usage: root=../../ ./autowifi_dryrun
@makefu easybox comes in many flavours ! d44469e
Commits on Jun 10, 2013
@makefu fix delimiter f463648
Commits on Jun 17, 2013
@makefu comply to rfc which only permits - , not _ a24b42f
Commits on Jun 26, 2013
@makefu remove legacy autoconnect f488e60
@makefu autoconnect is now autowifi submodule 5eaf117
@makefu always check out submodules before preparing the rest a2c64ea
Commits on Jul 05, 2013
@makefu update TODOs ccd2c75
@makefu Add manifest to autoconnect 6e44e43
@makefu heckenkrebs needs more stuff after generalization of autowifi cd3b3b7
@makefu integrate heckenkrebs in new environment 88df46a
@makefu update autoconnect 3b371de
Commits on Jul 06, 2013
@makefu add TODO for krebs/infest 4a6055e
@makefu krebs/infest now uses firstrund 30c6f81
@makefu update autoconnect 7a95cca
@makefu fix invalid char in tinc name fd3456e
@makefu update autowifi 8df198c
Commits on Jul 29, 2013
@makefu pull back sources from nfc_gateway installation into repo 00f3261
@makefu add lcd-fortune to rc.local 866d92a
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of fa0c14a
Commits on Dec 01, 2013
@probonopd probonopd Initial check-in b3914c0
@probonopd probonopd add radio profile d2b162a
@probonopd probonopd Update README.dokuwiki 2917ea6
@probonopd probonopd Delete README 63d009b
@probonopd probonopd Rename README.dokuwiki to faf97eb
@probonopd probonopd Update 5a67139
@probonopd probonopd Update 449f4b2
@probonopd probonopd Move files in place f429d81
@probonopd probonopd Add MANIFEST e557da5
@probonopd probonopd Update 1bbee0a
@probonopd probonopd Update c4c6b05
@probonopd probonopd Update 273d414
@probonopd probonopd Update 7b2d87c
@probonopd probonopd Documentation for radio 4ea0696
Commits on Dec 02, 2013
@probonopd probonopd Add module to recognize USB soundcard buttons (more investigation nee…
@probonopd probonopd TODO 916322f
@probonopd probonopd Use triggerhappy to make buttons on USB sound card functional 512a156
@probonopd probonopd Update doc/ 2e800b3
Commits on Dec 07, 2013
@probonopd probonopd inittab must not start serial console login for Arduino to work 1b1a2cd
@probonopd probonopd inittab 89a4c87
Commits on Dec 15, 2013
@probonopd probonopd Update mymodule.lua
Create a new item in the main menu bar
@probonopd probonopd Update network 82b2f42
@probonopd probonopd Fix broken DNS on Unitymedia 78c03df
@probonopd probonopd Update rc.local 35dbe73
@probonopd probonopd Update radio 9a8794b
@probonopd probonopd Pause and continue radio with 'kill -SIGSTOP $(pidof madplay)'
To pause: 'kill -SIGSTOP $(pidof madplay)'
To continue: 'kill -SIGCONT $(pidof madplay)'
Commits on Dec 22, 2013
irmagic Kill madplay when apply is clicked, so that we move to playonce track…
… if we have one set
@probonopd probonopd Toggle power to the USB port
Toggle power to the USB port (and hence, the radio service) with /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value
@probonopd probonopd Do not kill arduinolisten so that it can be used to restart the radio…
… service
@probonopd probonopd Not killing arduinolisten so that it can be used to restart the radio…
… service
@probonopd probonopd Update speak 2a8a215
Commits on Dec 23, 2013
@probonopd probonopd Create radio 674b742
irmagic modified: traits/audio/radio/files/www/cgi-bin/radio 898a390
irmagic Changing should be done outside of radioplayer b2c74f7
Commits on Dec 26, 2013
probono Initial sleeptimer implementation c9eb69e
probono new file: traits/audio/radio/files/usr/bin/sleeptimer
modified:   traits/audio/radio/files/www/cgi-bin/radio
Commits on Dec 27, 2013
@probonopd probonopd Update rc.local ef76a7b
@probonopd probonopd Update radio e2c7f80
Commits on Dec 29, 2013
probono Error message if no USB sound device is attached 872d807
probono modified: traits/audio/radio/MANIFEST
modified:   traits/audio/radio/files/etc/config/radio
Commits on Dec 30, 2013
probono Create and use traits/minimal/no-firewall, traits/minimal/no-iptables…
…, and traits/minimal/no-ipv6
probono Do not hardcode router model in lib/init c1ed878
@makefu add copying, update Documentation, closes #2 d6f8fde
@makefu add copying, update Documentation, closes #2 023fd08
@makefu Merge branch 'master' of
Commits on Feb 01, 2014
@toerb toerb added "input" and "output" config for mjpg_streamer
when not added, /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer complains and refuse to start.
@toerb toerb fixed tabs 36fcf71
@toerb toerb fixed tabs 2800d09
@makefu Merge pull request #3 from toerb/master
mjpg-streamer not working without input and output config
Commits on Apr 06, 2015
@dingensundso dingensundso fix IMAGEBUILDER_URL f0c845a
@makefu Merge pull request #7 from dingensundso/fix-imagebuilder_url