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Pyncp / Python Network Copy

Copyright Felix Richter (

This project is intended to be a python port/rewrite 
of "ncp - a fast file copy tool for LANs" 
written by Felix von Leitner <>

This project is intended to be compatible to the 
original ncp implementation. The current 
implementation is actually 100% compatible with
the original implementation!
Currently pyncp has a global variable to switch
between compressed and uncompressed transmissions
as ncp uses uncompressed packaging in the sources.
If you want to change this by yourself, in the sources
there are execv() calls with tar piping to stdout.
add a -z flag there and ncp will send compressed
data streams.

08.02.2010 - pyncp received a shiny makeover
This surely never was intended for this project
but as i was bored enough to play around with
TKinter and python, pyncp now has a clickable
Still the shell is mightier than the blade.

This project is licensed under the WTFPLv2 
(see COPYING).