A library to build 3D human characters in the browser
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A library that builds human models in the browser.

A live demo (NSFW while loading) is available at mhwebui.wassname.com

An an example of how to use this library is in the example repository.


This is a alpha product.


An example of how to use the library is available at makehuman-js/makehuman-js-example.


  • clone
  • npm install
  • npm test (or on windows use npm run test_windows)
  • this will launch a browser which will run mocha unit tests


Please log issues on github and ask questions on stackoverflow. Otherwise questions can be sent to "makehuman.js at wassname dot org".


We welcome contributions as pull request or issues reporting issues you might come across. All contributors of code must agree to the licensing terms.


This browser software is inspired by the desktop python software makehuman.org. It also depends on a makehuman-data package which provides data from makehuman. Thanks to major contributors to makehuman who can be found here and all the minor contributions.


Copyright 2016-2017 Mike Clark (wassname)

It is open source and free to use as it is licensed under the AGPLv3.

Alternative commercial license terms are available from if you wish to redistribute it as part of a proprietary closed source product or deliver software software-as-a-service (SaaS) using it as part of a proprietary closed source service.