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This is is a reimplementation of MakeTarget. It can be used for creating targets for MakeHuman
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MakeTarget 2

This repository contains a reimplementation of MakeTarget.


This version of the addon is blender 2.80 only. If you still use blender 2.79, you're better off using the previous version of MakeTarget. You can find the latest working version of the previous codebase in the "v1" branch in this repository.

Further, this version of the addon depends heavily on the makehuman plugin for blender. In practise, you will need this in order to load a human mesh.


When installed, you will find a "MakeTarget2" panel on the N-shelf in blender.

The basic workflow is:

  • Import a human mesh using the makehuman plugin for blender (see this introductory video for more information). Make sure to not use a body proxy.
  • Select the body
  • Click "Initialize" in the make target panel. A shape key "PrimaryTarget" is created.
  • Enter edit mode and model the target
  • Exit edit mode
  • Click "Save target"
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