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Welcome to the waterfall wiki! Here you can find more information concerning the installation of the free Waterfall theme.


Download the ZIP file for the latest release, rename the file to waterfall and upload it to your WordPress themes directory in your WordPress install. That wasn't too hard, wasn't it?

The Waterfall Theme has support for WooCommerce, Polylang and Elementor.

Basic Settings

The Waterfall theme has basic options available in the options screen to allow you to add Google Analytics and perform basic optimizations. Find more information on the Settings Wiki Page.


The Waterfall theme has extensive settings in the customizer screen which allow you to customize lay-outs, colours and typography. These settings are automatically extended when new post types are registered. Find more information on the Customization Wiki Page.

Creating Content

The Waterfall theme adds additional options for each type of content. Find more information on Creating Content on the Creating Content Wiki Page.

Extending Waterfall

Find more information on extending the Waterfall theme within the Filter and Action Hooks Wiki reference. Waterfall plays nicely together with the Elementor Page Builder Plugin and has hooks available to register new Elementor Widgets.

In addition, you can add custom fields, options, customizer settings and easily if you are a developer. You can find more information on how to extend configurations on the Extending Configurations Wiki Page.

There is also a basic child-theme available for Waterfall, so you can easily customize the theme.


Waterfall Theme uses the following dependencies from Make it WorkPress:

These dependencies are included using composer. For more details on the functioning of these dependencies, visit the repositories of the respective dependency.

Alternate Template Structure

In contrary to how WordPress usually handles its templates files, Waterfall places all templates inside the templates folder. Please find the folder structure for the Waterfall theme below:

  • Assets: Contains all assets, such as CSS and LESS files, JavaScript files and images.
  • Classes: Contains all PHP classes, including the classes for booting the theme, and setting up modules.
  • Classes\Views: Contains all the classes loading the data to be displayed in templates.
  • Configurations: Contains the arrays with all options, meta and customizer configurations
  • Functions: Contains procedural utility functions used by the theme.
  • Templates: Contains all template files, such as index.php and search.php.
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