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Library of Linux shell functions
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Load commands to shell:

  • .

Run a command with subshell:

  • <command> <arguments...>
  • lib_help - shows help for

List of available commands:

  • ps-all - lists all processes
  • ps-threads - lists processes with threads
  • ps-tree - lists process tree via ps, see also pstree -p
  • ps-cpu - lists most CPU consuming processes
  • ps-mem - lists most memory consuming processes
  • ps-wchan - shows what processes are waiting for, used in debugging blocked processes
  • ls_size - list files with sizes in bytes, shorter than ls -l
  • mplayer-rotate-right - play video rotated right, used to play vertically captured videos
  • hist - handy history, up to one screen length
  • deb-list - list content of specified deb file
  • quotation_highlight - higlight text in quotation marks ("quotation")
  • readline-bindings - shows current readline bindings, used as shell keyboard shortcuts, in more readable format, see also man readline
  • tcpdump-text - tcpdump of payload in text
  • make-debug - verbose make
  • git-diff - handy git diff
  • git-diff-HEAD - show the differences between your working directory and the most recent commit
  • git-diff-last-commit - shows last git commit
  • git_prompt - sets shell prompt to show git branch
  • git_fixup - interactive fixup of specified number of last git commits
  • git_ign_add - add files' names with path to appropriate .gitignore list
  • trap_err - traps command failures, print reuturn value and returns, better than set -o errexit
  • system_status_short - shows short summary of system resources (RAM,CPU) usage
  • system_status_long - shows long system status and statistics by running various system utilities
  • shell_type - tries to identify type of current shell
  • ps_of - specified process info
  • proc_mem_usage - returns percentage memory usage by specified process
  • dir_diff - compare listings of two specified directories
  • retry - retry argument operation till success
  • duplicates - finds duplicate files. To follow symbolic links run duplicate -L $DIR
  • for_each - applies an operation to set of arguments one by one
  • ext_get - extracts extension from specified filename
  • ext_strip - returns filename without extension
  • name_get - returns just filename without path and extension
  • postfix_extract - return filename postfix: path/name[-_]postfix.ext -> postfix
  • unzip_dir - handy unzip to directory with name of zip-file
  • mac_to_ip - looks in LAN IP for MAC
  • ip_to_mac - show MAC address for specified IP in LAN
  • fs_usage - show biggest directories and optionally files on a filesystem, for example on root: fs_usage -a /
  • PATH_add - adds argument to PATH, if required
  • gcc_set - set specified [cross] compiler as default in environment
  • mem_drop_caches - drop chaches and free this memory. Practically not required
  • mem_avail_kb - Returns available for allocation RAM, which is sum of MemFree, Buffers and Cached memory
  • wget_as_me - Run wget with cookies from firefox to access authenticated data
  • calc - calculate with bc specified floating point expression
  • md5sum_make - create md5 files for each specified file separately
  • check - runs verbosely specified command and prints return status
  • lib_sh_demo - run functions for demonstration and testing
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