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Pinpoint Integration for OpenShift Container Platform
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Pinpoint APM Integration for OpenShift Container Platform

The objetive for this repository is to deploy the Pinpoint APM project ( on top of Openshift Container Platform.

  1. Create the pinpoint-apm namespace on your Cluster

     # oc new-project pinpoint-apm
  2. Import the template from source

     # oc create -f
  3. Create the new application from the imported template

     # oc new-app pinpoint-ephemeral-template

    --> Deploying template "pinpoint-ephemeral-template" in project "openshift"

        Pinpoint APM Ephemeral
        Pinpoint APM Ephemeral

    --> Creating resources with label app=pinpoint-ephemeral-template

       serviceaccount "pinpoint" created
       imagestream "pinpoint" created
       service "pinpoint-apm" created
       service "pinpoint-testapp" created
       service "pinpoint-collector" created
       route "webinterface" created
       route "testapp" created
       buildconfig "pinpoint" created
       deploymentconfig "pinpoint-apm" created

    --> Success

       Build scheduled, use 'oc logs -f bc/pinpoint' to track its progress.
       Run 'oc status' to view your app.
  4. Add the pinpoint service account to anyuid Security Context Constraint so root user could start processes inside de image

     # oadm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid system:serviceaccount:pinpoint-apm:pinpoint

The reulting container will automatically start HBASE, Collector and Web UI services. The required routes will also created to expose Web UI and a Test Application. This Test Application must be manually started once the container is running.

    # oc rsh {Pod}
    # /pinpoint/quickstart/bin/ &> /pinpoint/logs/testapp.out &

** Note that the Build process could take more than 30 minutes depending on your hardware and internet connection. A public image will be available in Docker Hub tu directly use it


  • ServerMap - Understand the topology of any distributed systems by visualizing how their components are interconnected. Clicking on a node reveals details about the component, such as its current status, and transaction count.

Server Map

  • CallStack - Gain code-level visibility to every transaction in a distributed environment, identifying bottlenecks and points of failure in a single view.

Call Stack

  • Inspector - View additional details on the application such as CPU usage, Memory/Garbage Collection, TPS, and JVM arguments.



Pinpoint Architecture

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