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ENEI 2018 Make or Break FLY - a paper plane competition

Make or Break is a tech event, happening on April 13, 14, 15, 2018, in Porto. We have a hackathon, workshops, talks, and an AI competition. Don't forget to apply!

FLY is a paper plane throwing competition, organized for ENEI 2018, where you can win a UE BOOM 2. Go to to check up on the current leaderboards!


  • Participation:

    • You have to be an ENEI 2018 participant
    • You can participate in the FLY competition only once
    • Find our booth and talk to us to enter the competition
  • To win:

    • Keep the paper plane in the air for the longest time possible
  • To build the paper plane:

    • You must use the Make or Break flyer included in your ENEI welcome kit
    • You cannot use anything other than flyer itself (glue, tape, flying spells, etc.)
    • You ARE NOT obliged to use the suggested foldings included on the flyer
    • You can cut the flyer, but it must remain a single, connected A5 piece of paper (you cannot rip parts out)
  • To compete:

    • You have 2 throws, the best one counts
    • The paper plane's trajectory should not be influenced by external factors that give it an unfair advantage
    • You cannot use external tools to throw the plane
    • The jury has to acknowledge that your "plane" qualifies as a paper plane
  • Draws:

    • Drawn participants will re-throw until there are no more draws
  • The jury has the last word:

    • If there are any doubts, the jury (and, usually, common sense) will dictate the outcome


ENEI 2018 Paper plane competition






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