3G 5D Shield 3.0 #77

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This is, I assume, where the 3.0 code is living for now, so I'm doing a pull request to here. Let me know if this is wrong. :)

This is primarily to support the changes to the Gen3 MB (rrmbv12) to work with http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11837 where both endstops for an axis are on the same pin. This requires some extra logic when and endstop is hit, since it doesn't actually know what end got hit.

I added a flag to scons (fived=true) that will only apply to the rrmbv12.

I also added to both motherboard an EEPROM setting for HoldZ. It defaults to ON -- and lives in bit 7 of the axis inversion byte. I thought that bit would neve be used, but I could be wrong. I'll do a pull request to add this to RepG next...

giseburt added some commits Oct 1, 2011
@giseburt giseburt Merge branch '3G-5D-Shield' into 3G-5D-Shield-3.0
@giseburt giseburt Add fived=true switch to reroute the Max endstops to the A axis.
Also some state control and modification were needed in the StepperInterface to handle both endstops on an axis being the same switch.
@giseburt giseburt Complete the ifdefs — missed one. 29815db
@giseburt giseburt Fix for edge cases, and add EEPROM setting for Z hold
Edge cases:
* The last step before turning around triggered the endstop switch
* The endstop switch "bounced" and traveling was set early, causing the endstop orientation to get flipped.

If dont_hold_z, then setHoldZ(true)? I don't follow. Can we make this clearer?

@phooky phooky merged commit 066b9c5 into makerbot:v2_refactor Oct 3, 2011
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