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This is MacOSX. Last modified: Thu Oct 4 19:34:31 MDT 2001
--------------------- Code Warrior and ProjectBuilder Builds -------------------
contributed by Dmitry Markman <>
1.5 release of RXTX - GNU implementation of communication API for JAVA
was released today:
MAC OS X specific notes:
System requirement:
OS: MAC OS X 10.1
10.0.X users, (I didn't check it)
expand file RXTX.pkg.sit.hqx (MACOSX_IDE/ForPackageMaker folder)
try to install RXTX binaries from MACOSX_IDE/ForPackageMaker/RXTX.pkg
and read AFTER INSTALLATION notes below
ProjectBuilder 1.1 (from 10.1 tools)
CodeWarrior 7
1. go to MACOSX_IDE folder
2.ProjectBuilder development
goto folder PB
expand file LibSerial.pbproj.sit.hqx
open LibSerial.pbproj project
choose libSerial.jnilib target
after build you will find RXTXcomm.jar and libSerial.jnilib files in the
build directory
(if you can't find RXTXcomm.jar (unlikely) build RXTXcomm target manually)
3. CodeWarrior
open libSerial.mcp project
goto jnilib target
after build you will find RXTXcomm.jar and libSerial.jnilib files in the
project's directory
(if you can't find RXTXcomm.jar (unlikely) build java target manually)
copy RXTXcomm.jar -> /Library/Java/Extensions
copy libSerial.jnilib -> /Library/Java/Extensions
use sudo command if it's necessary
PackageMaker package:
CodeWarrior developers: before starting creating installation
package do following step:
copy RXTXcomm.jar into
copy libSerial.jnilib into
MACOSX_IDE/ForPackageMaker/Install/usr/lib/java folder
open file RXTX.pmsp
fix absolute path to Install and Resources folder
it should point to MACOSX_IDE/ForPackageMaker/Install
and MACOSX_IDE/ForPackageMaker/Resources
create package - PACKAGE's NAME MUST BE RXTX.pkg
(if you want to change Readme or Welcome messages you may edit
files Readme.rtf or Welcome.rtf from
MACOSX_IDE/ForPackageMaker/Resources folder)
check existence of the folder /var/spool/uucp
if you don't have it create it with command
sudo mkdir /var/spool/uucp
permissions should be: drwxrwxr-x
if they are not do command
sudo chmod 775 /var/spool/uucp
YOU should be a member of the uucp group
you can check it with command
niutil -readprop / /groups/uucp users
you should see your name in output of the niutil command
if you don't do following:
sudo niutil -appendprop / /groups/uucp users <yourname>
substitute <yourname> with your user's name
for example if your user name is peter:
sudo niutil -appendprop / /groups/uucp users peter
NOTES: RXTX.pkg should create uucp folder and insert your name in
uucp group automatically
THAT's IT!!!!!!!!!
if you have any problem, don't hesitate, send me email
Dmitry Markman, PhD
--------------------- Gnu Tool Builds -----------------------
If you are going to try building rxtx on Mac OS X, we recommend you use
rxtx 1.5. 1.4 would require substantial modification to the Makefile to
get the build to work.
Mac OS X has some issues with libtool at this time. This makes building
rxtx much more difficult.
The current solution is to take an automatically generated Makefile and then
manually edit it.
One such Makefile is provided to help build rxtx. The file will probably
need to be edited to match your system configuration. If you would like to
add more information for other Mac OS X users please email
We are sorry the build process is not easier. A great deal of effort was
put into trying to automate the builds without luck.
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