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0010 ReplicatorG
* Status panel responses improved
* Added images for set home/go home buttons
* Reconcilles position after builds
* Connect button added
* Autoscan defaults to disabled
* Display machine's name, if set
* Disable simulation in preferences
* Build to file (to local SD card, for instance)
* Removed post-build resets
0009 ReplicatorG
* Moved to Swing file selector
* Remember last opened directory
* Scrolling on lists in uploader, SD card file selector
* Bundled gen3 firmware v1.5 (SD card improvements)
* Bundled gen3 firmware v1.6 (PID control for heater)
* Close control panel on build start
* Only one control panel available at a time
* Added disconnect and control panel buttons
0008 ReplicatorG
* Added avrdude to distributions
* Added firmware binaries and .xml
* Added firmware uploader GUI
* Support for building to named files on the SD card
* Support for building from named files
* Added reset machine button
0007 ReplicatorG
* Fix for issue 15 (credit to Charles Pax)
* Adding constants for SD card write/playback commands
* Basic testing support for SD card builds
* Adding card capture api
* Adding pausability to remote builds
* Switching out gif for png with transparency
* Refactor/prep for SD uploading
* Button bar revision, interface prep for SD card prints
* Fixed up startup window positioning
* Removed preferences store/load race condition that was screwing up window sizing
* moved some shutdown code out of handleQuit2 into proper shutdown hook
* hide drivers marked 'experimental'
* added preference for viewing experimental machine profiles
* busy cursor on long loads
* reduced load time for files in large directory
* proper error messages for SD operations
* added feature check to buttons (only display for 1.3)
* removing skeinforge from 0007, now distributed seperately
0006 ReplicatorG
* Removed editor status bar
* 64-bit Mac OS X fix (courtesy Andreas Fuchs)
* Pass a GCode file in as a command-line parameter (courtesy Andreas Fuchs)
* Moved machine status below buttons and cleaned up display
* Ensure abort signal is sent to S3G on stop
* Display temperature of nozzle during builds
* Add pref for temperature display
* Simulator2D optimizations, faster draws
* Reenabled Ctrl-J shortcut for control panel
* Use port names specified in XML by default, fall back to autoscan
if not present
* Allow autoscan disabling for machines with scan problems
* Added support for writing onboard configuration data to the machine EEPROM
* Numerous small bug fixes
0005 ReplicatorG
* Large refactor; future maintenance should be simpler
* Automatic scanning on serial ports for devices
* Added dropdown for manual serial port selection
* Multiple instances of ReplicatorG can now drive
several machines from a single computer
* Consolidated some status bars
* Implemented support for stopping, pausing
* Moved to standard Java prefs; moving away from per-
platform messiness
* Stripped out large swathes of old Processing code
0004 ReplicatorG
* more robust intialization
* support for multiple sequential builds
* added homing support, status checks, numerous small fixes to 3rd-gen driver
* added home menus
* added serial timeouts
* added enable/disable stepper buttons to exerciser
* number of small code refactor/cleanups
* fixed rulers in simulator
* new thread for initialization; new thread for machine status
* added MRU cache and "recent" menu
* adding prominent status bar to main window with driver/machine/connection information
* adding check for v0002 firmware in 3rd-generation driver startup
0003 ReplicatorG
* created RepRap 3rd generation driver
* fixed various bugs with serial port handling
* fixed various bugs with threading, etc.
* added support for PWM/RPM motor speeds
* tweaked the build process quite a bit for mac / linux / windows.
* added more build status information
* created a modular configuration for various toolheads
* bundled skeinforge for toolpath generation.
0002 ReplicatorG
* add units to simulation window
* add proper bounds to simulation window
* add warmup/cooldown to machine config
* add simple exerciser / status window
* add color to simulation window
* add up/down arrows to simulation windows
* implement Peter Edworthy ideas on driver instantiation
* have simulation move to a proportional wait time
* fix build time estimation
* add estimate menu item
* add basic machine configuration stuff to XML (axes, resolution, extruders, toolheads, clamps, etc.)
* move to a controller/model/driver system.
* Add an extruder section (temp, start/stop extruder, extruder direction, extruder speed)
* added text boxes to control/display feedrate data
* fix shutdown of driver
* fix windows icons
0001 Replicatorg
* The first release of the IDE. It will run your GCode files. It's ugly, but it works.
* convert from Arduino to ReplicatorG
* get new app to build
* convert .pde to .gcode
* get GUI working reliably
* create gcode running thread
* create gcode simulation thread
* create gcode simulation driver
* get text-highlighting up and running
* get machine driver-loading based on XML
* update RunButtonWatcher to work with our running and/or simulating thread (obsolete)
* move percentage / line count to bottom of window.
* remove HandleNewLibrary
* change 'Run' to 'Build'
* get help menu up and running properly (send everyone to website)
* add our ReplicatorG header to every file
* implement support for various gcode pauses / prompts / etc.
* change message dialog to yes/no dialog that allows you to cancel the operation
* test build process on linux
* test serialpassthrough driver
* add simple simulation window
* reformat GUI with different button ordering
* create and add 'pause' button
* update 'build' button graphic to be rotated 90 deg.
* add support for rest of low-hanging m codes
* finish implementation of ToolDrivers
* add a processing driver to calculate build time, look for errors, etc.
* finish gcode parsing for proper coordinates / machine status / etc.
* change colors to RepRap green (thanks nick bilton!)
* add elapsed time to build process
* add confirmation alert after print finishes
* add dispose after print finish
* update serialpassthroughdriver to pull all config from XML file
* update nulldriver to pull more config from XML file
* tweak play / pause button behavior
* get multi-print working solidly
* fix random freezing bug (it seems to be working)
* get inch support working
* add support for rest of low-hanging g codes
* make windows icons
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