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SCD Command-line interface
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  Dai 1.0 is a simple version of the diversely collateralized Dai.

  In this model there is one type of underlying collateral (called gems).
  The PETH token represents claims on the system's excess gems, and is the
  only admissible type of collateral. Gems can be converted to/from PETH.

  Any transfers of dai or PETH are done using the normal ERC20 interface;
  until settlement mode is triggered, dai users should only need ERC20.

  To conveniently perform ERC20 transfers, see the token(1) program
  available at <>.


  dai [<options>] <command> [<args>]
  dai <command> --help


  make link             install seth(1) into /usr/local
  make unlink           uninstall dai(1) from /usr/local




 -C,chain=chain         remote node config (ethlive or kovan)


 --cup=<id>             ID of cup to perform operation on
 --tub=<address>        address of Tub to perform operation on
 --tap=<address>        address of Tap to perform operation on
 --top=<address>        address of Top to perform operation on


 -F, --from=<account>   account from which to send transaction
 -G, --gas=<number>     amount of gas to provide with transaction


 bite            initiate liquidation of an undercollateral cup
 boom            buy some amount of dai to process joy (surplus)
 bust            sell some amount of dai to process woe (bad debt)
 cage            lock the system and initiate settlement
 caged           get time of cage event (= 0 if system is not caged)
 cash            cash in dai balance for gems after cage
 cupi            get the last cup id
 cups            list cups created by you
 draw            issue the specified amount of dai stablecoins
 drip            recalculate the internal debt price
 exit            sell PETH for gems
 free            remove excess PETH collateral from a cup
 give            transfer ownership of a cup
 heal            cancel debt
 help            print help about dai(1) or one of its subcommands
 join            buy PETH for gems
 lock            post additional PETH collateral to a cup
 open            create a new cup (collateralized debt position)
 prod            recalculate the accrued holder fee (par)
 safe            determine if a cup is safe
 setAxe          update the liquidation penalty
 setCap          update the debt ceiling
 setFee          update the stability fee
 setMat          update the liquidation ratio
 setTapGap       update the spread on `boom` and `bust`
 setTax          update the stability fee
 setTubGap       update the spread on `join` and `exit`
 setWay          update the holder fee (interest rate)
 shut            close a cup
 tapAsk          get the amount of peth in dai for bust
 tapBid          get the amount of peth in dai for boom
 tapGap          get the spread on `boom` and `bust`
 tubAsk          get the amount of peth in gem for join
 tubBid          get the amount of peth in gem for exit
 tubGap          get the spread on `join` and `exit`
 vent            process a caged tub
 wipe            repay some portion of your existing dai debt


 air             get the amount of backing collateral
 axe             get the liquidation penalty
 cap             get the debt ceiling
 chi             get the internal debt price
 cup             show the cup info
 dai             get the dai token
 din             get the debt backed by CDPs
 fee             get the governance fee
 fit             get the gem per peth settlement price
 fix             get the gem per dai settlement price
 fog             get the amount of peth pending liquidation
 gem             get the collateral token
 gov             get the gov token
 ink             get the amount of peth collateral locked in a cup
 joy             get the amount of surplus dai
 lad             get the owner of a cup
 mat             get the liquidation ratio
 off             get the cage flag
 out             get the post cage exit flag
 par             get the accrued holder fee (ref per dai)
 pep             get the gov price feed
 per             get the current entry price (gem per peth)
 pie             get the amount of raw collateral
 pip             get the gem price feed
 pit             get the liquidator vault
 rap             get the amount of governance debt
 ray             parse and display a 27-decimal fixed-point number
 rhi             get the internal debt price including governance fee
 rho             get the time of last drip
 s2s             get the peth per dai rate (for boom and bust)
 sin             get the sin token
 peth            get the peth token
 tab             get the amount of debt in a cup
 tag             get the reference price (ref per peth)
 tau             get the time of last prod
 tax             get the stability fee
 vox             get the target price engine
 wad             parse and display a 18-decimal fixed-point number
 way             get the holder fee (interest rate)
 woe             get the amount of bad debt
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