Plugin for using Ledger with dai.js in a browser environment.
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A Dai.js plugin for using Ledger in a browser environment.

Example usage

import LedgerPlugin from '@makerdao/dai-plugin-ledger-web';
import Maker from '@makerdao/dai';

const maker = Maker.create('http', {
  plugins: [LedgerPlugin],
  accounts: {
    myLedger1: { type: 'ledger' }

// this will not resolve until the Ledger account is set up
await maker.authenticate();

// or you can defer setting the account up until later
await maker.addAccount('myLedger2', { type: 'ledger' });


  • accountsLength: Set this to the number of accounts to fetch. Must also set choose if greater than 1; see below. (Default: 1)
  • accountsOffset: Set this to the index offset number to fetch accounts from (Default: 0)
  • path: Set this to the derivation path to use. (Default: "44'/60'/0'/0/0")
  • legacy: Set this to use the old Ledger address derivation method. More info

Listing multiple accounts

await maker.addAccount('myLedger', {
  type: 'ledger',
  accountsLength: 10,
  choose: (addresses, callback) => {
    // show the list of addresses in your UI and have the user pick one; then
    // call the callback with the chosen address. `addAccount` will not resolve
    // until the callback is called. if you pass an error object as the first
    // argument, `addAccount` will throw it.
    setTimeout(() => callback(null, addresses[7]), 20000);

Try the demo app

You can find an example of this plugin being used in an app here.

Publishing to NPM

// version bump on package.json
yarn build
cd /dist
npm publish