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Developer guides to integrate with MakerDAO's smart contracts, SDKs, APIs, products, and partners
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The signing function used in this guide (signTransaction)does not support the chainId parameter, and thus its use is non-functional. In light of sharing only functional content, the chainId parameter was removed and a disclaimer was added for users that plan to store signed transactions near contentious hard fork events.
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Developer Guides and Tutorials

Developers can build a variety of experiences using one or more components of the Dai Credit System. This repo contains guides and tutorials to help you understand various approaches to integrate with MakerDAO and our partners by interfacing with smart contracts, SDKs, APIs, and products.

All guides are organized in sections and by proficiency levels within each section.

Partner compilations

In order to ensure that integration partners can get up and running quickly, relevant documentation for specific partner types have been compiled in a series of guides.

Contribution guidelines

We welcome submissions of guides and tutorials that cover new types of integrations! Following these guidelines will help us maintain consistency,

  • Include all the sections present in this sample guide
  • Create a folder with one markdown file using the same name
  • Append a number if a guide needs to be split into multiple parts


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