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This document contains the necessary resources to implement Keepers.


This document assumes familiarity with Ethereum, and in-depth knowledge of the Maker Protocol.

Maker Protocol Keepers

Auction Keeper

The auction-keeper enables automatic interaction with flip auctions, flap auctions, and flop auctions. You can read more about the different auction types here.

This is automated by specifying bidding models that define the decision making process, such as when to bid, how high to bid etc.

Dockerized Auction Keeper

The dockerized-auction-keeper contains a preconfigured auction-keeper that follows a simple pricing model. With docker as the only prerequisite, this instance is well-suited for first-time auction keeper operators.

Chief Keeper

The chief-keeper monitors and interacts with DSChief and DSSSpells, which is the executive voting contract and a type of proposal object of the Maker Protocol.

Its purpose is to lift the hat in DSChief as well as streamline executive actions.

Cage Keeper

The cage-keeper is used to help facilitate Emergency Shutdown of the Maker Protocol.


Pymaker is a Python API which provides endpoints to interact with the Maker Protocol smart contracts. It exposes most of the functionality of the Maker Protocol, but most importantly for this guide it can be used to create Keepers.

OasisDex Keepers

Simple Arbitrage Keeper

The Simple Arbitrage Keeper executes atomic multi-trade transactions between OasisDEX and Uniswap.

Additional source code and developer docs

Running a keeper node:

Current Dai credit system implementation (Multi Collateral Dai):

Single Collateral Dai:

Python API:

Maker platform in general:

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