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Governance Dashboard (front-end part)
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Maker Governance Dashboard

The Primary Interface for Dai Credit System Governance

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Internal governance resources

Getting started

Install project dependencies


Running the Gov Dashboard

For development

yarn start

For production

yarn build

Running Tests

yarn test

Configuring the Backend

By default the production backend ( will be used, but you can also set the REACT_APP_GOV_BACKEND environment variable to one of the following to override this:

  • local: uses a local dev copy of the backend (
  • staging: uses the staging backend (
  • mock: uses the mocked backend (see /src/_mock/topics.js)

Maker Packages

This project takes advantage of several other maker projects, including Maker UI Components, Dai.js, & The Dai Governance Plugin.

Code Style

We run Prettier on-commit, which means you can write code in whatever style you want and it will be automatically formatted according to the common style when you run git commit.

The Maker Governance Dashboard is available under the MIT license included with the code.

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