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Python API for some cryptocurrency exchanges
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Python API wrappers for some cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Key facts

  • These API wrappers expose only those endpoints which were necessary to implement market-maker-keeper (, market-maker-stats ( and sync-trades. Due to it they cover most only order placement, order cancellation, reading balances and open orders, and retrieving past trade history.

  • This library depends on pymaker because IDEX integration involves interacting with its smart contract. In addition to that, other exchange APIs use the Wad class which is defined pymaker.

  • There is almost no test coverage as of today. The exception is some part of the IDEX API.

  • If you are looking for more supported exchanges and/or more features, a please have a look at ccxt ( It's a JavaScript / Python / PHP library which supports huge number of venues and also has more features than pyexchange.


See COPYING file.

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