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@gbalabasquer gbalabasquer released this Apr 9, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release


  • Minor changes to Nix files
  • dss-deploy as a direct dependency
  • Implementation of latest OSM and Median versions with whitelists.
  • Script added to setup environment variables before deploying (scripts/
  • Implementation of ds-pause and possibility to define the delay via the config files
  • Usage of ds-pause for raising debt ceilings proposal in step-3 and kovan (line-spell)
  • CdpId is uint256 now (dss-cdp-manager)
  • vat is saved now in the manager when created (dss-cdp-manager)
  • Keep saved first cdp of the list for each user, allowing ASC listing (dss-cdp-manager)
  • No more exit function. (dss-cdp-manager)
  • Renamed previous manager function move to give (transferring CDP) (dss-cdp-manager)
  • Implementation of move (DAI transfer) and flux (GEM transfer) functions + minor modifications to frob (dss-cdp-manager)
  • Function for cleaning deployment contract authority from the core contracts after the full deployment is done (dss-deploy)
  • Removed developer backdoor (dss-deploy)
  • Removed guy param from save function (dsr)
  • Usage of address instead of bytes32 for identifying urns (dss and all other repositories that implement it)
  • Usage of solidity math again in the vat (dss)
  • Removed redundant guy argument in exit function (dss and all other repositories that implement it)
  • Usage of custom logs in vat to constrain FV (dss)
  • Removed callvalue from note due solc 0.5.7 restrictions (dss)
  • Implementation of custom DAI token with offchain approval by signature (dss and dss-deploy)
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