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// VoteProxy - vote w/ a hot or cold wallet using a proxy identity
pragma solidity >=0.4.24;
import "ds-token/token.sol";
import "ds-chief/chief.sol";
contract VoteProxy {
address public cold;
address public hot;
DSToken public gov;
DSToken public iou;
DSChief public chief;
constructor(DSChief _chief, address _cold, address _hot) public {
chief = _chief;
cold = _cold;
hot = _hot;
gov = chief.GOV();
iou = chief.IOU();
gov.approve(address(chief), uint256(-1));
iou.approve(address(chief), uint256(-1));
modifier auth() {
require(msg.sender == hot || msg.sender == cold, "Sender must be a Cold or Hot Wallet");
function lock(uint256 wad) public auth {
gov.pull(cold, wad); // mkr from cold
chief.lock(wad); // mkr out, ious in
function free(uint256 wad) public auth {; // ious out, mkr in
gov.push(cold, wad); // mkr to cold
function freeAll() public auth {;
gov.push(cold, gov.balanceOf(address(this)));
function vote(address[] memory yays) public auth returns (bytes32) {
function vote(bytes32 slate) public auth {;
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