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PYKB - Python Keyboard

English 中文

Create a hand-wired keyboard, run Python on it, turn it into production.

Hand-wiring a keyboard

Follow the guide - to rapidly make a keyboard with 100 lines of Python code.

From prototype to production in progress

With putting more time into the Python keyboard, we find it more and more interesting. We think a Python keyboard can make a big difference, so we decide to design a new keyboard for everyone. Check out the M60 mechanical keyboard.

To be a productive keyboard

As the 60% keyboard lacks a lot of keys (F1~F12, arrow keys and etc). We can use features like TMK's layers and composite keys to make the small keyboard much more powerful. With the idea from Toward a more useful keyboard to keep our fingers at the home row, we can optimize the keyboard to make us more productive.

Adding the Tap-key feature, which is holding a key down to activate an alternate function, can make a big difference.

Using D for Navigation

Taping d outputs d (press & release quickly), holding d down activates navigation functions.

  • d + h as
  • d + j as
  • d + k as
  • d + l as
  • d + u as PageUp
  • d + n as PageDown

Using ; as Ctrl

Use ; as a MODS_TAP key, taping ; outputs ;, holding ; down outputs Ctrl.

Using Pair-keys

Simultaneously pressing two keys (interval less than 10ms) activates an alternate function.

Optimizing with C modulesin progress

A C module matrix of keyboard matrix is written to reduce latency and power consumption. The module has the same function as keyboard/


  • add system keys
  • add mouse keys