useful postprocessing scripts for Slic3r, mostly adding dual extrusion features
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Multi-Extrusion post-processing scripts for Slic3r

useful postprocessing scripts for Slic3r for adding wipe towers and other multi-extrusion features. Written in Perl. example g-code

Available scripts

  • adding wipe towers
  • resorting print order to a sequential build for finest results
  • highly configurable


to do

  • add compatibility for relative coordinate mode
  • add compatibility for absolute extrusion mode
  • Slic3r environment variables cannot be read, therefore settings and parameters have to be manually declared within the custom "Start G-code"
  • add workaround for Slic3rs lack of retraction on print start for inactive extruders


  • scripts are tested and working
  • printing results are spotless and really awesome
  • compatible to absolute coordinate mode
  • compatible to relative extrusion mode


  • some bugfixes, including support for >2 extruders, suggested by PxT (thx!!)
  • added optional parameter "forceToolChanges", defaults to true
  • travelLifts now happen in both directions

How to use

In order to get the scripts working properly, I suggest creating print and printer settings in slic3r exclusively for use with those scripts, and modifying these settings as described below.


Copy the scripts to a directory of your choice, note that directory.

In the print settings:

Add the full path to the script as noted above in the Print Settings -> Output options -> Post-processing scripts field I suggest only using one post-processing Script at a time.

In the printer settings:

  1. Tick "Use relative E distances" in Printer Settings -> General

  2. In Printer Settings -> Custom G-Code, add the following to the very beginning of your "Start G-code", your own custom Start G-code can follow after that:

; forceToolChanges=true
; nozzleDiameter=[nozzle_diameter]
; filamentDiameter=[filament_diameter]
; extrusionWidth=[extrusion_width]
; layerHeight=[layer_height]
; firstLayerHeight=[first_layer_height]
; extrusionMultiplier=[extrusion_multiplier]
; firstLayerExtrusionMultiplier=4
; retractionLength=[retract_length]
; toolChangeRetractionLength=[retract_length_toolchange]
; bedWidth=[bed_size_X]
; bedDepth=[bed_size_Y]
; extruders=2
; wipeTowerX=80
; wipeTowerY=155
; wipeTowerW=10
; wipeTowerH=10
; wipeTowerSpacing=20
; wipeTowerLoops=5
; wipeTowerBrimLoops=7
; wipeOffset=2
; purgeOffset=1.33
; wipeLift=5
; travelLift=1
; purgeAmount=0.5
; retractionFeedrate=[retract_speed]
; travelFeedrate=[travel_speed]
; printFeedrate=[perimeter_speed]
; extrusionFeedrate=25
  1. Also, add the following line to the very beginning of your "End G-Code", your own custom End G-Code can follow
; end of g-code
  1. The "After layer change G-code" should consist of exactly that line:
; next layer
  1. The "Tool change G-code" should consist of exactly that line:
; tool change

Disclaimer / License

I've never written a line of Perl before this project. I'm still learning, but also had to make this work. Any suggestions are heavily welcome. All scripts in this repository are licensed under the GPLv3 with me, Moritz Walter, as the author.