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jQuery Three

A plugin / extension of the jQuery API for 3d objects (using Three.js)

jQuery Three was developed to bridge the gap between WebGL and the DOM by using existing conventions web designers are already familiar with.

Effectively it provides a higher level api that abstracts Three.js methods to known common conventions from regular web development.


  • jQuery v2.x
  • THREE.js rev.75



Get the latest (stable) version using bower:

bower install jquery.three


Enable 3D actions on any container using:

$("container").three( options, callback );

Read the wiki docs for more details on the methods and tag support.


There are the setup options used when initiating the .three() method:

  • alpha: (boolean, default: true) Renders the WebGL canvas transparent so you can stack other elements behind it.
  • deps: (object, default: {}) Listing dependency scripts loaded as extensions of THREE.js
  • paused: (boolean, default: false) Start with a paused loop - or set as a flag to pause anytime.
  • watch: (boolean, default: false) If set it monitors the DOM for updates and syncs the changes with THREE.js


Created by Makis Tracend [ full list of contributors ]

Distributed through Makesites.org

Released under the MIT License