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KISSCMS is built to jump start web development by providing a clean and extensible framework, with a selection of popular features active out of the box.

One of its main objectives is to automate all the things a website "needs", while allowing enough freedom for the developer to be creative in their work.

Although some proficiency with programming is required to take full advantage of what KISSCMS has to offer, a lot of effort has been put into creating methods that are to be straightforward and simple.

Novice users may still appreciate the uncluttered administration area, the hassle-free setup processes and the automated installation for all plugins/extensions.


Tha main goals KISSCMS is trying to achieve:

  • To produce a CMS with minimal footprint
  • Complete separation of logic/data/design
  • Free from setup processes and server dependencies
  • Uncluttered administration


To achieve the above goals KISSCMS has implemented a number of innovations. Here is a list of its main features:

  • MVC architecture
  • Wiki-style page creation
  • No Installation / uninstallation
  • Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Automatic sitemap generator