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Note: Versions below v1.0 are not backwards compatible

###v1.3 (Aug 15, 2012)

  • New libraries: Minify_Cache_File()
  • New methods: Model->getAll(), Template->updateDom(), Main->logout()
  • Feature #50: Refactored logic/minification to better utilize require.js
  • Feature #16: Introducing File Caching for templates and client.js
  • Feature #48: Adding support for application/json requests
  • Feature #45: Added composer.json for Packagist
  • Update: Upgraded client side js (jquery-1.7.2, modernizr-2.6.1, require-2.0.4)
  • Update #51: Moved all constant definition off the index.php
  • Update: Restored demo site and minor visual updates
  • Update: Removing references to myUrl() from all places (that matter)
  • Update #49: Proper conditions to look into public folders of plugins in APP/…
  • Bug fixes (#52 etc)

###v1.2 (Jun 10, 2012)

  • New libraries: PhpClosure() [Google Closure]
  • New helpers: encode()/decode() [basic], ksort_recursive(), request_uri()
  • New common methods: Template::trimWhitespace()
  • New template variable $_page (containing the body data on 'static' pages)
  • Adding Minify() class and a framework to create minified js on the fly
  • Adding Travis CI [basic config]
  • Adding global DEBUG flag for JavaScript
  • Adding defer attribute in script tags
  • Update: Overriding default view definition for Body section
  • Update: Introducing new globally available section 'Body'
  • Update: Better logic got template definition on the controller level
  • Update: Better handling of ssl URLs (+ redirection to ssl for non secured requests)
  • Update: Defining application cache manifest files with the right mime-type
  • Bug fixes

###v1.1 (April 22, 2012)

  • Introducing env.json for environmental variables
  • New common methods: clean(), json_encode_escaped(), query_to_array() ...
  • Adding http library class as the basic library for url requests
  • Better parsing of path and query variables
  • Updates improving stability
  • Bug fixes (#34, #35, #37...)

###v1.0 (public release)

  • Configured the BASE folder so it operates with no dependencies in the APP folder
  • Fixing fallbacks for PHP5 < 5.3
  • Removed themes from main distribution (now located in repo "kisscms-themes")
  • Added definitions for admin and listing templates
  • Introducing properties for main body
  • Formulating media queries for stylesheets
  • Sections updates to create a uniform character
  • Replaced myUrl() and myCDN() with the improved url() and uri()
  • Upgraded HTML5 Boilerplate to v2.0, jQuery to v1.7.1 and RequireJS to v1.0.3
  • Bug fixes

###v0.9 (beta)

  • Concluded on basic methods for section views (ul, inline...)
  • Added category and archive page listings
  • Activated main sections (tagcloud, breadcrumb, latest updates etc)
  • Visual improvements on templates
  • Automated sitemap generator
  • Bug fixes

###v0.8 (alpha)

  • Modified Section class to act as parent instead of master
  • Created main sections (breakcrumb,copyright,menu...)
  • Activated tag, archive controllers and category listings
  • Enabled custom view for body
  • Renamed main methods of Template class
  • Added template collection


  • Automated template logic for head,section,foot areas
  • Unified configuration object and seamless integration across all parts
  • Separated plugins from the app/base hierarchy
  • Introduced YAML setup file for installing/deleting plugins (discarded)


  • Upgrading Model support to allow more than one databases loaded
  • Overhaul re-structuring to support plug-n-play plugins
  • Introduced public folders in app and plugins
  • Controllers now extend the main controller
  • Integrated HTML5 Bloilerplate
  • Established template framework


  • Corrected core/clone model
  • Moved base configuration to the web index page
  • Added tags for pages


  • Revised CMS for complete separation between the app/data/templates
  • Renamed files to more obvious/meaningful names


  • Reverted controller logic to be included in one file
  • Repaired core CMS functions to a working state

###v0.2 (not working)

  • Incorporated the object-oriented revision of KISSMVC
  • Introduced the core&clone model of deployment
  • Created "plugins" branch

###v0.1 (old architecture)

  • Initial release
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