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Github Pages Deploy Recipe (Org)

This repository includes a sample configuration for deployment to github pages using the org (or user) style configuration with the strategy of including build files in the working tree.

It does not include a working application just a stub index.html file.


module.exports = {
  input: 'src',
  output: 'public',
  devtool: false,
  deploy: {
    stage: {
      pages: {
        type: 'org'


First create a repository for the deployment (eg:

Then add the deploy remote to your local version of this repository:

git remote add deploy

Build the output files with makestatic --no-pack and add the public directory to the working tree if needed:

git add . && git commit -m 'Add build files'

Install dependencies to get the deployment provider:

npm i

Deploy the application:

makestatic --no-pack --env stage --provider pages

To verify a redeploy run:

npm version patch && makestatic --no-pack --env stage --provider pages

You should now be able to see the HTML page at

Go ahead and delete the remote repository to clean up.

Created by mkdoc on February 12, 2017