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At the moment this is just a placeholder for features / changes which may be implemented for the next major release. This will probably coincide with the release of Bootstrap 4.0.0 as and when that sees the light of day.

Collaborators, feel free to add to this list. Everyone else, feel free to comment / link to existing issues if you want something added to the list.

  • refactor / split out locales into separate files
  • add dist/ folder for more idiomatic bower support
  • buttons argument to array instead of object (debatable - I object)
  • re-introduce icon support?
  • re-work button order?
tiesont commented Sep 27, 2016

Definitely a fan of the first item - it might be worth thinking of if and/or how things like the error messages could be localized as well. I'll see if I can find some good examples of plugins that already do this.

For the button order, I think a simple reverse option would be good enough to allow the developer to match their primary audience; someone's going to be unhappy regardless, so pick a plugin default and go with it.

Would it be worth adding a task for refactoring dialog construction again? I know the prompt needs custom code, so maybe task # 1 should be figuring out how to build a base dialog that works with all three functions.

Modals don't seem to have changed much (if at all) in the current alpha for Bootstrap 4 - there's plans for eventually switching to the <modal> element, but since there is next to no browser support for it yet, it's a ways off.

DJmRek commented Oct 17, 2016

I would suggest adding the basic functionalities for the different prompt types. E.g. the min-max value option for number-prompts.

tarlepp commented Oct 20, 2016 edited

Imho buttons should be array of button objects, because object order is not guaranteed. And with that everyone can changes those as they like.

@DJmRek and also step

tiesont commented Oct 27, 2016

@makeusabrew I've been working on porting a site over to Bootstrap 4. Do you want notes/required Bootbox changes here, or should I start a new issue?

emileber commented Dec 9, 2016

@tarlepp See Does JavaScript Guarantee Object Property Order?

Current Language Spec: technically, order is unspecified.

Current Browsers: order is preserved with the major exception of keys like "7" that parse as integers and are handled differently by Chrome/V8.

Future Language Spec (>ES2015): Generally, you can expect that things ordered today will not become unordered. New APIs will guarantee order

An object cannot be re-ordered, but it keeps the order it was set in.

That being said, I would really like a way to pass the context on modal construction.

Something like:

    title: "This is a prompt with a textarea!",
    context: this,
    callback: this.promptCallback

This is rather rare with jQuery plugins, but common with Backbone for example.

I made a wrapper around Bootbox for my Backbone app to bind the context on each callbacks before passing the options to the original function because I don't like calling .bind(this) everywhere.

tarlepp commented Dec 9, 2016

@emileber "Current Language Spec: technically, order is unspecified."

emileber commented Dec 11, 2016 edited

@tarlepp Yes, and that's where the myth comes from since it's only in theory. In practice, every browser implements it with preserved order and the future spec made it a guaranty. Backbone is just one example of a lib who depends on object key ordering in their router since like 2010.


I have two requests/suggestions

  1. detect if the element supplied for message is a <template> element, and if so do all the cloning/etc automatically.

  2. some way of passing in a div/template containing form fields, and the callback result is an array of the named inputs/selects/etc .. the dialog would otherwise act the same as prompt, with the same buttons, escape key behaviour, etc

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