How can I use bootstrap's modal events? #551

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I tried this code

    .on('', function (e) { alert('showing') })

but the event is ignored. How can I use events?

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tiesont commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

show seems to happen earlier than hooking into the jQuery/Bootbox object can allow. You can, however, hook into the event.

    .on('', function (e) { alert('showing') })

There is also the .init function you can call, which should run just prior to the modal being shown:

You would use it like so:

    .init('function (e) { alert('showing') })

.init seems to only be called once, though, so if you happen to do something that reuses a dialog, you're probably better off hooking into

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Like this:

var modal = bootbox.alert({
    message: "My Message",
    show: false
modal.on("", function(e) { console.log("show!"); });
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