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If I create a custom dialog with bootbox.dialog (...) and I pass in a few <input> (etc) elements, how do I obtain the values of those <input> elements once the user hits the OK button?

I tried using callback: function(result) {console.log(result)} but nothing ever shows up.

ericscheid commented Jan 7, 2017 edited

A workaround .. use bootbox.confirm(...) instead, which does call the callback function (and also automatically inserts the OK and Cancel buttons, unlike bootbox.dialog).

dialog = bootbox.confirm ({
  title: "Here is a tiny form", 
  message: contentNode, // contains various <input>, <textarea>, and <select> elements
  callback: function(result) {
      if (result) {
        results = {};
        results.fieldname1 = dialog[0].querySelector("[name=fieldname1]").value;
        results.fieldname2  = dialog[0].querySelector("[name=fieldname2]").value;
        results.fieldname3 = dialog[0].querySelector("[name=fieldname3]").value;

function doStuffWithResults(results) {console.log('results: ', results);}

(N.B. If your form has <input type=radio> or <input type=checkbox> or <select multiple>, then you have to do some extra work testing .checked or .selected instead of simply accessing .value)

I used bootbox.confirm and not bootbox.prompt because although the latter is semantically appropriate I need to replace the prompt part and so forth. Sometimes the hammer is not the right tool, even if the problem is a nail.

So, apart from philosophical objections to extending the semantics of "confirm", are there any problems with this approach?


Would be real nice if we could do bootbox.prompt(inputType='form', inputOptions=formNode) and it returns an array of named values.


tiesont commented Jan 10, 2017

To answer your original question:

You would use the callback for your "OK" button in combination with something like find(). For example:

var dialog = bootbox.dialog({
    title: 'A custom dialog',
    message: /* your form markup here */,
    buttons: {
        ok: {
            label: 'OK',
            className: 'btn-primary',
            callback: function(){
                var form = dialog.find('form');
                var data = form.serialize();
                /* data is serialized to a format suitable for using in $.ajax, $.post, etc. */

Dialog-level callbacks for anything other than confirm and prompt won't have a response/result value, so you're correct in seeing nothing there.


Thanks. I also found which handles some extra quirks.

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