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The Payne Digital Ltd Website.
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apps fix reference to two years ago
jaoss @ 2c664ca update jaoss submodule reference
log Initial automated commit (refs #303)
public update nf client
sass brighten up dark blue theme
settings use cookieless static domain where appropriate
test fix contact tests
tests [GH-12] ensure all controllers extend abstract controller, simplify s…
tmp/templates_c Initial automated commit (refs #303)
.gitignore simplify asset append path logic
.htaccess Initial automated commit (refs #303) tweak copy, use minified single JS file for nodeflakes Making readme a bit more relevant and adding license information.
build.xml tweak copy, use minified single JS file for nodeflakes
jcli updating jcli symlink and jaoss submodule reference
jtail remove deprecated Email::setBodyFromTemplate calls
package.json switch to local mocha, use xunit-file reporter
phpunit.xml start of upgrade to latest jaoss library

Payne Digital Website

This project contains the source code powering the website.


The license for this project is a little more complex than usual.

All code contained under jaoss/ falls under the MIT license as it is technically a seperate, standalone project.

All other code and all assets (unless otherwise stated) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The dynamic content of the actual website (e.g. articles) is copyright and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

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