Reprap FW with look ahead. SDcard and LCD support. It works on Gen6, Ultimaker, RAMPS and Sanguinololu
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Marlin firmware

Tuned for 3DM1 RepRap 3d printer by 3DMaking

Main changes:

  • Reduced default acceleration and max speed (3DM1 printer doesn't have a triangular support for Y vibrations)
  • Added resistor values (todo: make condition from rrw resistor to heater cartridge, both suppliers)
  • todo: Make and add thermistor tables
  • todo: add LCD / SD module
  • todo: make 3DM2 condition (different size and increased speeds/accelerations)

Recommended Cura/Slicer settings

for default 0.35mm nozzle

  • layer height: 0.27 (fast) 0.2 (good), 0.15 (fine), 0.10 (finest) mm
  • speed: 55mm/sec (good), 70-100 mm/sec (big and circular pieces and abs print faster)
  • infill speed: 65mm/sec (good), 80mm/sec (warning: may cause vibrations)
  • minimum recommended infill: 15% (0% for vases is still ok though :) )
  • maximum recommended infill: 55% (we print 3d printer parts at this percentage)
  • temp: depends on the material (we use 220 for PLA and 240 for ABS)
  • bottom/top infill: 3-4 times the layer height
  • shell thickness: 2-3 times the nozzle size
  • retraction: speed: 30, distance: 2.5

Cura and Slic3r profiles will be uploaded soon

3DMaking: "You thought it? Let's 3D make it!"

to see the Marlin readme open: