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Personal list about blockchains

A developer view.

From Good to Databases.

All opinions are personal.


- Bitcoin

For both payments and OP_RETURN based use cases, Bitcoin gets the top place. It has the most hashrate (security/immutability). It is easy to develop on. You can inspect the chain and validate scripts easily. You can build a lot of cool stuff on top of OP_RETURN (have a think about this). Bitcoin is a real blockchain. The asset is the strongest amongst all the other. You can use payment channels to get around high fees. If you think you need a "layer 2" option now, you can use a second chain (LTC/BCH for example or a non-pow one, depending on the use cases). You can do cross chain atomic swaps (lower fees / faster transactions).

I'm not a big fan of LN as it stands currently. I think it will need a lot of time/development to be usable. I suggest to base your solution on payment channels if you were thinking about LN.


- Ethereum

- Rootstock

Ethereum is powerful as it gained a lot of traction, it's not simple and straightfoward as Bitcoin is (thanks Satoshi), but it's good as it's PoW and a lot of nice development is going in and around it.

Somewhat Good





At least are bitcoin forks, they're PoW, if you learn development in these you can apply it to BTC Plus:

- Ethereum Classic

Of course!

Privacy coins

- Monero

- Zcash


  • Cosmos/Tendermint/Lotion.js
  • Polkadot/Substrate
  • PoA network (xDai Bridge)

Networks are interesting, I believe we'll see some nice networks or peg-chains

Peg Chains

  • Rootstock (had to re-mention it again)
  • Liquid

Look "ok" to me

  • Dash

  • NANO

  • Eth based tokens

(I would put all the top ERC20 tokens in this bucket here)

Databases and "no comment"

  • DIY Blockchain/Hashchain/Naivechain

  • Stellar

  • R3 Corda (at least they're honest, DLT, not a blockchain)

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • EOS/IOTA/Ripple/the rest (no, not Tron, thanks :))

That's my own opinion, please don't bash me :)

Also I don't know many coins I just focus and hava an opinion about the few top ones.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a similar view to mine, especially if you are a developer and tried some of these blockchains.



Personal list about Blockchains






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