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Curlr - CLI tool to "curl" hosts easily using HTTP methods (get/post/put/delete) - Curlr extracts post marameters from the query string - soo curl :)
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Simple CLI tool to query endpoints like you would do via wget or curl, except this has a sane api and it's 50 LoC :D - coded in year 2014

Sample usage:


alias for:

curlr get

then you can pass parameters with get:

curlr get

and of course, make a post request

curlr post


  • implement put / delete / patch
  • follow redirects
  • request caching
  • make it a gem
  • automagically install the binary

I coded this long time ago (sheesh, 2014!), I used to call it via this alias:

alias curlr="ruby ./path/to/curlr.rb"
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